Australian metalcore masters, Parkway Drive overpower a metal hungry Louisville crowd with Cover Your Tracks, Johari and Lifelines.

On the eve of the biggest weekend of the year in Louisville (The 142nd Kentucky Derby) and with a citywide parade happening just two blocks away the place to be this evening was the Mercury Ballroom and the Parkway Drive show.

The packed house was definitely charged up before Parkway Drive took the stage as they  were out singing the house music as Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” blared overhead – It was a fun moment and a definite sign that everyone was ready for the show.

With the entire stage dark, the opening power chords of “Destroyer” completely fill the room as the guys take their places on stage. In one quick moment, the lights come up and Parkway Drive rocket into their first song of the evening and off we go to a great night of music.

Without hesitation Winston McCall (vocals) and bandmates Jeff Ling (guitar),  Luke Kilpatrick (guitar),  Ben Gordon (drums) and Jia O’Connor (bass) roll right into “Carrion” and their latest hit off of the Ire album “Vice Grip” that sent the crowd into a moshing  and crowd-surfing frenzy.

It was hard to believe how hard, fast and loud the show already was but that was nothing as Parkway Drive fired off “Idols and Anchors,” “Dedicated,” “Karma,” “Dark Days,” with an incredible power and intensity that the room was feeding off of.  Before performing “Deliver Me” Winston urged the room to jump along with him which everyone gladly did resulting in a great show moment.

With just a few songs left in their main set Parkway Drive blew the roof off of the venue with their anthem-like “Wild Eyes” urging the room to sing the along with the chorus.  Not to be outdone, a monstrous performance of the bass heavy “Bottom Feeder” that had the entire room jumping and thrashing in the pit – It was simply pure energy and Power.  They closed out their main set with another huge and overpowering performance of “Home Is for the Heartless” that capped off a great main set.

With the crowd now chanting “Parkway Drive” and “one more song” the guys came back to the stage for one final encore song “Crushed” which did exactly that and put a giant exclamation point on a powerful and high energy Parkway Drive show.

Atlanta-based metallers Cover Your Tracks provided the main support for the evening delivering a powerful, over the top performance of original songs during their 30-minute set. Cover Your Tracks is  Paul Rose (vocals),  Cory Ferris (bass),  Brent Guistwite (drums), Omar Magana (guitar) and Bryce Sipes (guitar)

Terry Harper productions shows always seem to have great local metal groups supporting the headliners and tonite was no different. Second on stage was Louisville-based progressive metal band Johari. Their set, while a little shorter than normal was fast and furious, featuring some great guitar work. Johari is Connor Hill (vocals), Kyle Meredith (guitar), Austin Armstrong (drums), Cameron Harden (guitar) and Aaron Branham (bass)

Opening the show tonite was Louisville, Kentucky-based melodic metal group, Lifelines. Their hard driving, bass heavy 20-minute set was full of energy and got the evening off to a great start. Lifelines is Mike Mullins(vocals),  Matthew Scott (guitar),  Loren Thunder (guitar/vocals),  Chris McConnell (Bass), and John Wilmot (drums)


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