P.O.D. returned to the St. Louis area, finding a packed room of fans both old and new.

Christian alternative-metal band, P.O.D. (Payable on Death), returned to the St. Louis area for a tightly packed show at Pop’s. P.O.D. has been around since 1992, providing a deep list of songs for their set list. Although they played for over an hour, the crowd showed no signs of tiring and would have welcomed an even longer performance.

The band played hits from throughout their 23-year history, ranging from the rap and nu-metal sound of their early years to the more reggae and Latin-influence of their more recent releases. Regardless of the song, the multiple Grammy nominated band poured themselves into their performance, never seeming to tire and enjoying their time onstage as much as the crowd.

Playing with P.O.D. was the Los Angeles area based Hoobastank, a band with similar influences and multi-genre associations. The band established a rapport with the crowd, vocalist Douglas Robb talking about their early beginnings and influences, comparing them with the audience’s interests. The band ended their set by covering a Tool song, yet with a decidedly Hoobastank spin.

From Ashes to New opened the show, giving the area fans a second chance to check out their show in a week. A few days prior, they appeared at another St. Louis venue, The Firebird, supporting Islander. A few fans from that show were impressed enough to check them out a second time at Pop’s. From Ashes to New was an interesting, yet appropriate addition to the bill. They, like P.O.D. and Hoobastank, share some nu-metal and rap influences and elements in their songs. Their sound can best be described, in the words of vocalist/guitarist Matt Brandyberry, as a “rock cocktail.” Additionally, they are amazingly energetic, the six-member band using every inch of stage space. During some songs, fans can watch some good-natured interplay and general goofiness between members, especially involving tossing around the drum sticks and spinning the cymbals of Tim D’onofrio.

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