Overloaded played a reunion show at The Token Lounge with Ray Street Park, Red Stone Souls, and Bronze Mambas, treating their home turf to a night of hard rock.

The Bronze Mambas opened up the night with, David Henry on vocals, Zander Way on drums, and Dan O’Leary on guitar. The Mambas are a three piece psych rock group, and their unique sound is a mix of heavy riffs and screaming vocals contrasted by a catchy, indie rock vibe. Their groovy, psychedelic feel crossed with catchy modern tunes made for a great start to the night.

Red Stone Souls was next. The band is a mix of blues, psychedelic and vintage rock n’ roll. The Detroit-based, Ian Kirwan (vocals/guitar), Beau Felix (gutiar/vocals), Kevin Bernard (bass) and Travis Erikson (drums), is a band from another time. They bring back the feel of the 70s, but mixed with gritty blues tinged with soulful rock n’ roll. Their 2013 release, Slow Haze Sessions, is bringing in fans left and right, it’s a call back to what rock and roll was in it’s heyday. They were such a hit for the crowd, Chris Gillen of Overloaded got the venue to allow them an encore song.

Bringing the energy of an arena show was Ray Street Park. Having been around since 1997, the band has been nominated for The Detroit Music Awards many times, Outstanding Live Performance in 2004, and Outstanding Hard Rock/Metal Band in 2005, and Outstanding Rock/Pop Recording in 2008, and Outstanding Hard Rock Artist/Group in 2009. Rick Stafford’s powerful voice as frontman, Jeff Howey on guitars, Dale Ratliff on bass, and Darrell Robertson on drums, commands a masterful stage presence. This powerful band got the crowd up and rocking at the stage.

The curtains opened to Overloaded, immediately sending off with high energy and screaming vocals the crowd cheered along to. Overloaded has been rocking since their formation in 2004. They have played hundreds of shows and opened for acts like Motley Crue, Alter Bridge, Hellyeah, Dope, Skid Row, Slaughter, Krokus and countless others.
In June of 2007, they won the WRIF radio contest and opened for Godsmack for two sold out shows. After they parted ways in 2009, they did a reunion show annually, always bringing in old fans, and still recruiting new ones. Joining Chris Gillen on vocals and Erik Kluiber on lead guitar were new members Dan Chapa on drums, Steve Lane on guitar, and Frank Kruckel on bass.

The talent of the band was matched by their energy and passion. Chris Gillen’s voice is pure rock n’ roll nastiness. Erik Kluiber’s skill on guitar is outmatched, heavy and screaming with an old school groove, a style that is rock in it’s prime. They are a group of extremely talented musicians that simply live to play music and love to play it to their fans. The entire venue was like a group of old friends celebrating together, all sharing the same excitement and passion for awesome rock music. With hopes from the band to start writing new material, we will see more of Overloaded in the future.

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