The Order of Elijah brought a night full of hard hitting aggressive metal to the Token Lounge with Maybe Whitney, Pick Axe Preacher, and Forsake the Fallen.

The first performers of the night were Maybe Whitney. Combining Hardcore, Dubstep and Hip-Hop, Maybe Whitney brought their A-game to the Token Lounge. Frontmen Sheen Kasapis and Huggy D engaged the audience with heavy hitting grooves and well-crafted vocals. The band had a good mix and delivered heartfelt melodies.

The second act of the evening was Pick Axe Preacher. PAP brought energy and engaged the audience. Based with Hell City Records, PAP brought their version of Thrash, Metal and Speed to the Token. Mike Hopper provided some insane guitar work that the bassist and drummer locked onto. Powerful vocals were heard on each song the band performed. PAP has an upcoming Northeast Tour scheduled. The band’s lineup is Mike Williams (vocals), Mike Hopper (guitar), Jeff Vergiels (drums), and Stu Stevens (bass).

The third act was a hometown favorite of Westland, MI, Forsake the Fallen. Based with Luxor Records, this group of young musicians had an outstanding act put together. FTF had a seven-string guitarist that was amazing to watch and listen to. The group put a lot of time into developing their talent and stage presence and it showed. The crowd packed the front of the stage and rocked out to each and every song. Be on the lookout for more good things to come from FTF. Their lineup includes Zak Marzouq (guitar, lead vocals), Joe Santangelo (guitar, vocals), Jordan Marzouq (bass, vocals), and Corey Maxwell (drums).

Finally as The Order of Elijah took the stage the audience scurried to the stage and picked a spot to ROCK OUT. Based out of Joplin Missouri this band was tight and well rehearsed. TOOE has a new single called New Line of Defense and it sounded GREAT! The single is making waves across the media world. The band played a mean set and the audience followed each kick drum like it was their own heartbeat. Awesome experience by all. The band is backed by Dean Markley strings and Monster Energy. TOOE is pure metal. Rock on brothers – see you again soon.

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