Nothing More and Wilson deliver a spectacle at The Waiting Room in Buffalo, New York.

After what can only be called a whirlwind of a year, Nothing More made a stop in Buffalo at the Waiting Room bringing with them Wilson, and Red Sun Rising. From touring across every major summer festival, a major tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Volbeat, followed by a co-headlining tour with Periphery, you’d think that these Texans would take a well-deserved break.

Instead, Nothing More is headlining the Jenny Tour to raise awareness for mental health issues, as singer Jonny Hawkins’ sister is dealing with bipolar disorder. This is also the topic of the song, “Jenny.” On behalf of National Rock Review, this reporter has had the chance to see Nothing More perform in arenas as a support act, co-headlining midsized concert halls, and now, on this night, headlining in small intimate rooms. They brought the same passion and energy onto this smaller stage as they did on the big arena stages they played with FFDP… which was absolutely mind blowing. At the conclusion of the Jenny Tour, they will be playing several dates with Shinedown.

Wilson, hailing from Detroit, can best be described as a brash, hard rocking party band. After a five-week tour of Europe with Nothing More and Halestorm, Wilson is ready to continue their global takeover with the release of their second full-length CD Right To Rise on June 29.

The performance here, in Buffalo, was frantic, fast paced, and very high energy. Living larger than life, with heavy doses of comedy and humour, Wilson are very engaging with their fans. Following their set, they ran from the stage to the merch table as soon as they finished playing. They may be describing the rise of the underdog with their lyrics, but you can rest assured, Wilson has made it and will be on the scene for a long time to come.

Filling out the night were Red Sun Rising from Akron, Ohio and Buffalo local acts The Revere and Seven Faces.

National Rock Review photographer Mark Skinner was on hand to capture some of the action.

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