Nonpoint deliver a blazing performance in Louisville with Nine Shrines, Caducus, and Verses.

Before tonight’s show, Nonpoint announced that this tour would be their last in the area until 2019. A solid turnout of fans take full advantage of their last opportunity to see the band for a while.

There is a high level of anticipation in the room as one by one Nonpoint take their places on stage. The stage is a solid sea of red with some stunning backlighting as Nonpoint kick off the evening with “Pins and Needles,” “Victim,” “Hands Off,” and “Broken Bones”.

Touring in support of their ninth full-length album, The Poison Red, Nonpoint roll through several songs from the release including “Generation Idiot”, “El Diablo,” and the dynamic new single, “Divided… Conquer Them” showcasing the breadth of the new album and the vocal prowess of lead singer Elias Soriano.

Allowing everyone to catch their breath, Elias takes a few moments to thank everyone for coming out while hi-fiving those at the barrier. Thoroughly enjoying the fan interaction, Elias urges everyone to get their hands up “It’s good to be alive.” There is only one thing better than being alive, it’s being “Alive and kicking” as Nonpoint launch into a fiery rendition that has the house jumping.

 â€œWhat a Day”, one of Nonpoint’s biggest hits creates the evenings biggest mosh pits followed by their take on “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins whereby Elias has the entire venue singing along and creating a memorable show moment.

Ron Rivera is a beast on drums and a blast to watch whilst guitarists Rasheed Thomas and BC Kochmit deliver a solid set of riffs throughout.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, tonight being no different. The hard driving and meaningful “My Last Dying Breath” closes out Nonpoint’s main set in a powerful way.  Elias shouts “Get your gun’s up” as the guys drop into a ripping rendition of “Bullet With A Name” that has the entire venue rocking and rolling until the very last chord, closing out a fantastic high energy set.

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio Nine Shrines provide the main support for the evening. Their set features a number of songs from their recently released EP Misery including “Bend,” “Parasite,“ “King of Mercy,” and the title track “Misery”.  Lead singer Chris Parketny is a commanding presence on stage and guitarists Evan McKeever and Andrew Baylis provide an awesome spark in an action-packed set. In a fun metal show kind of twist, Nine Shrines finish off their set with a Garth Brooks cover of “Friends in Low Places” that has the whole venue singing.

Southern Indiana-based melodic alternative metallers, Caducus perform second. Their thirty-minute set of hard driving songs includes the likes of “Evolve & Obey” and “Safeword” from their latest EP String Me Up along with their latest single the dark and bass heavy “Sanctuary”.  

Louisville, Kentucky-based Verses open the show at the Mercury Ballroom. Lead singer Trey Landrum is all over the stage and guitarists Dylan Arnold and Derick Phillips rip through some steamy riffs during their short but sweet set.

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Event Date: 18-APR-2017

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