Hot in the city can’t describe the show that Nonpoint put on. A packed house, lights, and all the ice they could bring, that was monumental.

On a sleepy Sunday night, a monster of a show came calling in Toledo, OH at Frankie’s Inner City. From the time the doors opened until the show was over, the sell out crowd was in full effect. The barricades were out, the air conditioning was off, and the house had a vibe for the line-up that was about to leave a lot of body fluids on the Frankie’s stage.

To start the night off right was a local band from the Monroe, MI area, Rejected The Silence(RTS). The crew of RTS is Aaron Moore (Vocals), Craig Hauser (Guitar), Stephen Lands (Bass), and Kenny Hueston (Drums). Their three song EP has just been finalized and the first single, “Inside Out,” is available for download. This hard rock and borderline metal band was exactly the right way to start off the night.

After the break down and reset between bands, DemonShifter, was back from a long hiatus in Anchorage, AK to rock the hallowed platform of sonic righteousness. Okay, so Tony Collins (Vocals), Mikey Gimmey (Drums), Bryce Richter (Bass), Juan Chirinos (Guitar), and Russ Varwig (Guitar) are really from Toledo, OH and have been terrorizing pious people since 2011. This unsigned metal, hardcore band showed that they aren’t just after the beer and women that come from being DemonShifter either. While most bands plug a new CD or shirt, the guys made sure to mention Music for Aid 2: Valory Newton July 25, 2015 at Howard’s Club H in Bowling Green, OH. It is for a nine year old, Valory Newton, who has been fighting osteosarcoma, (bone cancer).

With the bill half over it was time for another local band to shine, in a black light sort of way, Illumira. With only two shows to go before turning into a dark, black flamed Phoenix to be reborn as a new band for reasons that were never quite nailed down, they did their best to go until getting the hook at the end of their set. Talking about the ac not working and going until his lipstick melted off, Donovan Black (Vocals), and the rest of the band, Nick Hanefeld (Guitar), Freemason Keef (Drums), and Michael Holdren (Guitar) made it a blaze of glory playing at what amounted to a home show. Stay tuned for new music and a reset of the band’s identity coming soon.

Finally, Elias Soriano (Vocals), Robb Rivera (Drums), Rasheed Thomas (Guitar), Adam Woloszyn (Bass), BC Kochmit (Lead Guitar) making up, Nonpoint, hit the spot under the lights and let it all out under a barrage of heat, fans cheering, and special people watching from stage left. They started out with “The Wreckoning,” touched on “The Truth” and “That Day,” and after the rest of the song’s list was played out, they ended the fourteen song scheduled list with “Bullet.” In a business not exactly known for family, this band that has many different sounds of metal, heavy rock, hardcore, and blues all rolled into one, had very special young ladies to watch what dad (more then one member of the band) really does while he is away.

Not only does that show a dedication to family and a softer side many don’t think about, it gives a glimpse of the strength of the band’s dedication to rocking out for the crowd each night. And on a night where the stage was over a 100 degrees, a large bucket of ice was the solo savior of the band and allowed Elias to finish his vocal duties.

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