Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds lead a 90-minute sing-along at the prestigious Chicago Theatre.

With no opener, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds get straight down to business with a 21-song set. Gallagher’s swagger is unmistakable as his silhouette can be seen taking position front and center. From the very first word, the audience sang along, wholeheartedly and word perfect, for the entire show. Noel’s fans were clearly enthralled throughout, and excited to see the Mancunian back in Chicago, with many even dancing in the aisles.

For previous visits to the city, the band has performed at the smaller Riviera Theatre. Tonight, however, they took up residence at the Chicago Theatre. The gamble paid off with the theatre looking pretty close to full, packed with fans donning both Noel Gallagher and Oasis t-shirts. The larger stage seeming necessary to accommodate the ten-piece band supporting the singer.  

The sizable band gave a full, rounded, but not overpowering, sound and even included someone playing the scissors. Yes, you did read the right – there was actually someone on stage playing the scissors. Gallagher’s voice was very much front and center, and was showcased at its best during his solo acoustic performance of “Dead In The Water.” 

With the band rejoining him on stage, the set continues with “Be Careful What You Wish For” which included Yseé beautifully accompanying Gallagher on vocals. Performing songs from all of the High Flying Birds’ back catalog, a number of Oasis songs were also included, such as “The Importance Of Being Idle,” “Little By Little,” “Half The World Away” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger.” The audience continued to sing along to “Wonderwall” despite the slight change to the way Gallagher performed it. Indeed, it seemed like the entire audience had their mobile phones in the air to video the iconic song.  The reception to these songs made it abundantly clear that the answer to Noel’s question “are there still any Oasis fans here?” was clearly  “yes”.

Gallagher looked completely at ease all night, chatting with the audience between songs. One little boy, named Roman, was called up onto the stage so that he could have the banner he had with him signed by the lead singer, making this surely a highlight of his birthday. Asking the young boy if he had a brother brought laughter to the audience before he went on to say “You need to find a brother, and call him Viking. Then you’d be the coolest kids in school.”

Gallagher’s name will always be synonymous with the Beatles, so what better way to give a nod to his favorite band than to round the set off with “All You Need Is Love.”

Whilst it was an early finish for a Saturday night show due to the prompt start and lack of an opening band, the audience appears to leave feeling wholly fulfilled from the hit-laden show. Regardless of whether it was a High Flying Birds or an Oasis song being performed, the fans were there to support and sing for every second of the show. Despite the Chicago Theatre being a fully seated venue, the entire crowd were on their feet throughout from the moment the band took to the stage.

The tour continues on throughout North America until mid-March, so be sure to check out any upcoming dates here.

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Event Date: 24-FEB-2018