Nick Mason brought his Saucerful of Secrets to The Fillmore Detroit for a rock-fueled night.

Opening their set with the avant garde psychedelic freakout “Interstellar Overdrive”, Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets let the crowd at The Fillmore know that they weren’t going to be playing Pink Floyd’s greatest hits. They stayed very true to Pink Floyd’s founding member, Syd Barrett’s, vision for the band, while retelling it in their own style. You never really know what to expect with near-cover bands like this with all of the current cash grabs coming in the form of remakes, but Nick Mason did not disappoint in the slightest.

Whether it was the aforementioned “Interstellar Overdrive”, the heavily psychedelic movie soundtrack snippet “Obscured By Clouds”, the hyper-extended version of “Set the Controls For the Heart Of the Sun”, or the rubber ducky infused freakout at the end of my personal favorite Syd Barrett track “Bike” the band continuously proved to be playing to only the true, old school Floyd fans.

While they did only play Pink Floyd songs, the latest was the terrifyingly psychedelic “One Of These Days”. Since this was the oldest Floyd song Roger Waters played on his recent tour, you could say this was a nod to Nick Mason’s former bandmate. That might be a safe assumption since the night was full of friendly jabs at the other members of Pink Floyd, with one of Nick’s guitarists at one point referring to all the other Floyd members as “The Inflatables”. As well as Nick himself at one point proclaiming “Roger had one major flaw in his personality, and that was that he never let me hit the gong!”

The last thing I have to discuss is the light show. Whoever constructed it did a wonderful job of blending classic 60’s oil-and-water projections with the sharp visual candy that modern technology allows.

I’d heavily recommend this show to anybody with an interest in classic 60’s psych rock, and the triply visuals that have classically accompanied it.

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Event Date: 09-APR-2019