Anaheim-based rock band New Years Day pulls out all the stops for their annual hometown show at Chain Reaction.

03-Aug-2016: Made up of vocalist Ash Costello, guitarists Nikki Misery and Jeremy Valentyne, drummer Trixx, and bassist Frankie Sil, New Years Day and their fans, lovingly known as “Creeps,” brought energy, angst, and zeal to Anaheim.

In between songs, Costello riled up the crowd by inviting them to sing and scream along with her. “Scream so loud that people at Disneyland will hear us,” she said.

Costello made sure to show her appreciation to the hundreds of fans that obliged. She shared that she had performed at Chain Reaction since she was 14 years old to crowds of less than a dozen people.

Over the last two years, New Years Day has evolved considerably in both their recorded material and their live performances. Their 2014 EP Epidemic was a departure from their previous releases. It set the band apart from others and paving the way for the hearty reception of their most recent full-length album, Malevolence. Moving away from their more gimmicky live performance for which they were known, the band has come into their own as a mature and polished outfit, adored by fans new and old.

For this special hometown show, however, New Years Day decided to bring back some classic fan favorites. This throwback included Killer Mickey: a chainsaw-wielding, blood-spurting Mickey Mouse, and the Living Dead Girl: a gothed-out girl waving around a huge flag spray painted with “NYD,” as well as some older songs.

Although the show advertised a complete play through of Malevolence, the band couldn’t resist giving in to the demand of fans for some older anthems like “I’m No Good” and “Death of the Party” from the band’s 2013 album, Victim to Villain.

Wrapping up the main portion of their set with the raw and emotional title track from Malevolence, New Years Day left the crowd wanting more. Within moments of the band taking their leave from the stage, the venue was filled with chants of “one more song!” One by one, the band returned to the stage and performed their most well-known song, “Angel Eyes,” with surprise guest vocals by Escape the Fate’s Craig Mabbitt. Finally sated, the crowd dispersed, but not before getting to meet and take pictures with the band.

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