New Found Glory brings The Sick Tour to Las Vegas with The Movielife and Bayside.

Since the final Warped Tour is about to kick off in a week, a lot of fans have been wondering what is next for these bands.  The Sick Tour featuring New Found GloryBayside, and The Movielife provides a taste of what might be to come.  These bands have all been seen on the Warped stages over the years, but perhaps packaging them into these smaller shows is the future.  For sure the fans appreciate getting a longer set than the traditional thirty minute of the Warped performers.  In any case, the sold-out Friday night crowd is definitely here to show support and see some of their favorite bands.

Other tours lately that feature multiple bands seem to embrace and thrive on the diversity of the bands.  That formula is broken here with all the bands being of the pop-punk genre and it is definitely working in this case.  While with those other shows the crowd might be introduced to someone new here the fans know what they are getting and they love it.  Listening to the crowd they are excited to see everyone which makes for a nice vibe, no-one is disappointed in the lineup which is exactly what you expect from pop-punk bands because they are just fun and all about having a good time and the crowd seems ready to oblige them.

The Movielife formed in 1997 and they released their latest album Cities in Search of a Heart in 2017.  They have a brief set tonight but they manage to fit in eight songs in this time.  There is not a lot of conversation with the audience, they say all they need to with the music including “Face or Kneecaps,” “Pour Two Glasses,” and closing the set with “Jamestown.”  Vinnie Carauna is like a madman jumping around the stage and he and the rest of the band certainly get the energy going.

A quick set change takes place and the crowd is ready for Bayside.  You can see almost as many Bayside shirts being worn and sold at this show as New Found Glory.  They open the set strong with “Already Gone,” “Sick, Sick, Sick,” and “Pretty Vacant.”  Anthony Raneri stays pretty much to center stage but he commands the stage, and the crowd is singing along from the very beginning to the end.  Their eleven song set continues to give the crowd what they want including “Stuttering,” “Blame,” and “Masterpiece.”  It is a comprehensive setlist which covers their seven album discography.  The crowd is loving every minute of it and are screaming for Anthony until the very end.

As the stage turns over for New Found Glory you are immediately struck by the giant neon backdrop and drumkit that seem to glow as if they are lit from within.  The crowd is getting more and more excited and begin to chant and scream.  After the anticipation has built the band seems to appear out of nowhere and almost simultaneously the crowd surfing begins.  The open with “All Downhill from Here” which is ironic since the night just continues to build.  Jordan Pundik is at the very edge of the stage as close as he can get to the fans delivering an intense vocal to the frenzy that is singing along.  The rest of the band is a mass of energy adding to the fun vibe of the show all set against the glowing backdrop.  They move through an impressive twenty-one song set which features all the favorites including “Truth of my Youth” and “Hit or Miss.”  There are also two covers Sixpence None the Richer’s “Kiss Me” and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” during the encore.  The crowd surfers do not stop all set and it is a high energy performance to match them.

This may be called The Sick Tour but it is an amazing fun high energy night that shouldn’t be missed.  These bands blend well together and deliver an action-packed night to the sold-out crowd.  

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Event Date: 15-JUN-2018

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