The Arcada Theatre welcomed Mr Big on Thursday night, for a night of classic Rock tunes sprinkled with some exciting new material from their upcoming album.

Inline images 1Performing at a venue that has played host to so many Rock and Roll Hall of Famers must be a daunting feeling for any band, but it didn’t appear to faze Mr Big.  Kicking off the night with their infamous “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)”, they set the scene for the night ahead. A night of pure honest-to-goodness Rock and Roll which had the entire crowd on their feet, almost climbing on the stage to be with the band.

Whilst they are a band who are famous for that song, they are far from being a one-trick pony. Blasting out fan favorites such as “Green Tinted Sixties Mind” and their Cat Stevens’ cover “Wild World”, the emphatic crowd lapped up every second of it.

Mr Big truly is a band made of so many strong components. Eric Martin’s vocal range is still impeccable after all of these years – an amazing feat in it’s own right. Next, you add the phenomenal abilities of  Billy Sheehan – one of the strongest, most innovative bass players around. You’ll struggle to find anyone who plays the bass quite like Sheehan.

Paul Gilbert – now where do you start? Witnessing him playing the solo on “Addicted to That Rush” was beyond impressive. Playing guitar parts intricately and fast in the studio is one thing, but to play the same pieces note perfect in front of a live audience all the while making it look effortless and, most importantly, making it melodic and musical is an amazing feat. 

Matt Starr is an extremely strong drummer, and certainly made his presence known during the memorable opening of “Take Cover” and it was particularly nice to see Pat Torpey still touring with the band. He took on percussion and backing vocal duties for the majority of the night but did take to the drums for “Temperamental”.

Of course “To Be With You” had to be saved until the encore, at which point you could barely hear the band singing as the audience wholeheartedly sang their 1991 mega-hit.

This tour is the pre-cursor to their upcoming album, Defying Gravity which is released on July 7. St Charles were treated to a glimpse, with performances of “Everybody needs a little trouble” and “1992”, which talks about the aftermath of having a worldwide smash.

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Event Date: 02-JUN-2017

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