New York’ Morpheus Descends comes on Chesapeake to play as part of an eclectic lineup of bands including Vimur, Sacrificial Blood, Night Hag, The Day of the Beast and Pestuary.

Within the Hampton Roads metal scene, the name Steve Harris is synonymous with two things; being the lead singer of two current and one defunct band (respectively The Day of the Beast, Pestuary and Whorebath) and a promoter who has put together some of the most brutal metal shows this area has ever seen. This includes bringing the black metal veterans, Absu, to Hampton Roads. Choosing to promote underground acts rather than more popular artists has made him a favorite with fans of more esoteric tastes in metal.

Pestuary kicked off the evening with songs from their self-titled EP covering such diverse topics as population control and necrophilia in a 20-minute set that set the tone for the night.

The Day of the Beast took the stage and played many songs from their upcoming third effort, The Ultimate Cremation Pyre, as they could fit into a 25-minute set. The audience liked what they heard as they headbanged and moshed to the band. The Day of the Beast is pleased with the effort and are eager to make CDs available to their fans.

The Hampton Roads band, Night Hag, has gone through several versions with the original having an all-female lineup. The current Night Hag lineup includes members of Chesapeake black metal band, Oakmoon, and Virginia Beach gore metal band, Kryptcest. Night Hag does not play often, so fans of the doom metallers were packed in for their well-received performance.

For Ectovoid, it has been almost three years since they graced a Hampton Roads stage. Their last appearance was in support of the Absu show at Roger’s Sports Pub (which is today the Riff House). Their set included a new song from a full-length split called “Possessed By Ancient Dread.”

Steve brought from Long Branch, New Jersey one of his favorite bands, thrashers Sacrificial Blood. Fans familiar with the band knew what to expect, and the circle pit started the moment the band started playing. Their thirty-minute set was far too short, but they delivered a blistering set of thrash.

Vimur, a black metal band from Atlanta, Georgia made their Chesapeake debut with a set of some truly unique sounding black metal and atmosphere to enhance the overall experience.

But the evening belonged to Morpheus Descends, who immediately established why they are death metal legends. Starting their set with “Corpse Ritual” from Ritual Of Infinity, the band played with ferocity to the crowd, some of them traveling from DC, Maryland, and New York. Their set included songs from nearly every album in their catalog. Morpheus Descends ended the night with “The King’s Curse” from their 2015 EP, From Blackened Crypts.

The evening was like a reunion of Hampton Roads and DC area metalheads who came together for an evening of unique and original music. It was an epic concert for those who made it to the show and an incredible night for one of Hampton Road’s best show promoters.

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