Miranda Lambert concludes the winter portion of her 2017 “Highway Vagabond Tour”, but not before performing in front of her fans in Grand Rapids, MI. 

As Miranda Lambert is on her seventh solo headlining tour, the 2016 ACM Female Vocalist Of The Year is also out promoting her sixth studio album The Weight Of These Wings. Joining her on this first leg of the tour includes opening artists Old Dominion and Aubrie Sellers.   

The double disc album was released on Nov. 18, 2016 by RCA Nashville. The album is centred around her breakup with country artist Blake Shelton and her current relationship with blues artist Anderson East. Other albums to her credit include Kerosene (2005), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007), Revolution (2009), Four The Record (2011) and Platinum (2014).   

The show starts with Miranda entering the stage as the band plays the intro to her 2005 hit single “Kerosene.” The anxious crowd welcomes her to Grand Rapids with a resounding cheer as they bounce up and down to the beat of the song. Miranda in turn, responds by swaying back and forth to the beat as she acknowledges individuals in the crowd while she sings.

With the spring season just a day away, Miranda is dressed in a pair of shorts and a long sleeved low cut shirt with frilly sleeves sporting a headband to keep her hair in place. Miranda is centred on stage behind a microphone stand that has a flashy sparkly letter “M” on it with her band scattered across the stage as they are perched in front of five large digital video screens.  

With a library of hit songs that come from 28 single releases including six number one singles, Miranda entertains the crowd with upbeat tempo songs like “Fastest Girl In Town,” “Baggage Claim,” “Mamma’s Broken Heart” and “White Liar.”

At times throughout the show, Miranda slows the speed down to show more of a personal side with soft ballads that reach out and grab you by the heartstrings. A tender and emotional moment in the show comes while singing her 2012 number one hit “Over You.”During the performance, Miranda sings as she tears up with a hand on her chest showing a humbling side. The song was written by Lambert and then husband Blake Shelton, based on Shelton’s older brother who was killed while Blake was a younger teenager. At the completion of the song, she wipes her eyes and comments “No more tears.”

“The House That Built Me” reflects on Miranda growing up in her family home and all the memories that made up the home. Although sometimes they struggled, they had each other to help get through another day.

To show off her fun and sassy side, Miranda put on a pair of “Pink Sunglasses” and bounces around the stage from side to side having fun with the crowd.  

During her hit “Little Red Wagon” Miranda becomes playful with her band as she even sits down on one guitar player’s lap teasing him while he plays.

Miranda ends her set with her female anthem “Gunpowder & Lead” that gets all the ladies up and singing along while raising their hands in the air shaped as a gun.

As an encore, Miranda returns to the stage with an acoustic guitar. With no video screens and only low lighting on the stage, Miranda asks the crowd if she can finish her show by singing a sad song that she had written while she was at her lowest point from her divorce and no self-esteem. This song was written to remind us that we can pick up the pieces and move on. The name of the song is “Tin Man.”

Afterwards, Miranda and her band take bows while “Happy Trails” by Roy Rogers plays throughout the arena with a final message displaying over the video screens “Music Is Medicine.”

With performances like this and so many in the past, there is no question why she has been nominated and awarded with “Female Vocalist of The Year” and “Entertainer Of The Year” awards past and present.

Miranda now takes a small break from her tour schedule as she prepares to enter the Spring and Summer portions of her tour which mainly consists of major festivals before heading to Europe in late Summer early Fall.

Taking the stage before Miranda is the five-member band known as Old Dominion. The band consists of Matthew Ramsey (lead vocals), Trevor Rosen (guitar, keyboards), Whit Sellers (drums), Geoff Sprung (bass) and Brad Tursi (guitar).  Old Dominion originated in 2007 as a joining of the singing songwriters to form and showcase songs that each band member had written. Old Dominion released their debut full-length album Meat And Candy in November of 2015 and has been on a whirlwind ride since then.  

Old Dominion performed fan favorites “Snapback,” “Break Up With Him” and “Song For Another Time” from their debut album and even introducing a new song “Be With Me” from their upcoming sophomore album to be announced at a later date.

Opening the show for the final time of the tour was newcomer Aubrie Sellers. Aubrie the daughter to singer/songwriters Jason Sellers and Lee Ann Womack came to the stage with her guitar to show off her bluesy rock guitar licks along with singing capabilities.  

Performing songs from her debut album New City Blues Aubrie kicked the show off with her hit songs “Light Of Day” and “Liar Liar.” 

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Event Date: 19-MAR-2017

Miranda Lambert setlist:

  1. Kerosene     2. Highway Vagabond     3. Fastest Girl In Town     4. Heart Like Mine     5. For The Birds     6. Vice     7. Over You     8. All Kinds Of Kinds     9. The House That Built Me     10. Keeper Of The Flame     11. Pink Sunglasses     12. Ugly Lights     13. Mama’s Broken Heart     14. Baggage Claim     15. Tush (ZZ Top cover)     16. We Should Be Friends     17. Automatic     18. Little Red Wagon     19. White Liar     20. Gunpowder & Lead     21. Encore – Tin Man

Old Dominion setlist:

  1. Snapback     2. Shut Me Up     3. Said Nobody     4. Nowhere Fast     5. Beer Can In A Truck Bed     6. There’s No Such Thing As A Broken Heart     7. Be With Me     8. Break Up With Him     9. Crazy Beautiful Sexy     10. Save It For A Rainy Day     11. Wrong Turns     12. Song For Another Time

Aubrie Sellers setlist:

  1. Light Of Day     2. Living Is Killing Me     3. Liar Liar     4. Luxury Liner     5. Sit Here & Cry     6. Just To Be With You