St. Louis’ go-to club for punk and metal Fubar hosted a night of good-nature, tongue in cheek debauchery featuring The Mentors, The Supermen, and 4 local supporting acts.

Known for their controversial lyrics set to a punk/metal beat, The Mentors prove once again nothing can keep them down and they are back again on the road this year. Performing in their trademark executioner hoods, the band was eagerly welcomed by a wide range of fans who spent the night singing along and chanting, “we want rape rock!” The term coined by original singer/drummer Eldon ‘El Duce’ Hoke.

While the band has been active off and on since 1977, it was El Duce who brought the band out of obscurity and into the public eye with his appearances on The Jerry Springer Show, Hot Seat with Wally George, and a Congressional floor reading of some of the lyrics from their song Golden Showers. This was during the mid-1980’s era of Tipper Gore and the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), which sought to censor many musical acts. El Duce died unexpectedly in 1997, hit by a freight train while intoxicated. But The Mentors are back again with new member Marc ‘Mad Dog Duce’ D joining original bassist Steve ‘Dr. Heathen Scum’ Broy and original guitarist Eric ‘Sickie Wifebeater’ Carlson.

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Joining The Mentors on this tour were The Supermen, a St. Louis band who mixes superhero capes with sleaze-rock and a party viking attitude. The Supermen are a band to be experienced, with singer Gaius Julius Sensei Almighty belting out lyrics, The Quintessential Brunette Beefcake on guitar, bassist The Bull of The Ball, The Prom King Maximus Loads, and drummer The Great Grand Wizard Violence and a party viking joining in on back up vocals.

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Without MF Order, another local act known for the singer’s onstage antics, fit in nicely on this bill. True to form, singer Captain Perverto hit himself on the head with a metal trash can lid, whipped himself with a mace made from barbed wire, and acted as a human bowling ball on a Slip-n-Slide and into a ten-pin set up (yes, he got a strike). All the while, bassist Ramrod, guitarist Scumby, and drummer Crash powering through complex rhythms and chords, giving an intricate background to Perverto’s chaos.

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Thanatos Eternal is another St. Louis-based band, and plays industrial metal which at first would seem out-of-place on this punk ticket, but their hard edge and interesting sound provided a nice contrast, and fit in well.

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Bonerkill played second, getting the crowd even more warmed up for the later performances. While their songs and lyrics are centered around wrestling, drinking, and girls, their musicianship is much more complex and talented than the songs might imply.

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A man and his banjo, Josh Violent (Josh Bialon), opened the show. Although it was a short and simple set, Josh Violent sits on a chair and plays a banjo while singing, it was deservedly well received.