Melissa Etheridge still electrifying and rocking at River City Casino

Melissa Etheridge seems a little surprised that she is back in St. Louis at River City Casino again, this being her second time since December. But after seeing her live, there is no doubt why she was invited back so quickly.

That gravelly, Midwest tinged voice that the world fell in love with nearly 30 years ago is still present and powerful as ever. While listing to her music, one can easily be transported into Etheridge’s heart and soul.

Etheridge is currently enjoying the personal triumphs of her last album, Memphis Rock and Soul. This album, released in the fall of 2016, explores the hits that came out of STAX Records in Memphis during the 60s. There are two standout numbers from the STAX collection Melissa has worked into the set.

Her first nod to STAX was a cover of William Bell’s soulful, “Any Other Way”. A few months back, there was a call on social media for Melissa to be added to a list of the top 100 guitar players. Her solo during William Bell’s / Albert King’s, “Born Under a Bad Sign”, is proof positive, she deserves to be on that list.

The Memphis Rock and Soul album has been on the Billboard music charts since last October when it debuted at number 1. A Mavis Staples approved redux of, “Respect Yourself”, and Sam and Dave’s, “Hold on, I’m Coming”, are a couple of the reasons this album is so popular.

With all of these well executed restored hits from the past, it would be easy to overlook Etheridge’s own prior musical accomplishments. But of course, she will not let that happen. With the opening notes of “Come to my Window”, the audience rose to their feet and remained there for the rest of the night.

Etheridge poses the question, ‘Are you ready’, ‘are you ready’ prior to, “Somebody Bring Me Some Water”. The reaction was as expected, completely bonkers. A blues filled breakdown, complete with an Etheridge harmonica solo, highlight, “Am I the Only One”.

The pitch-black stage brings a near deafening roar, as the Melissa faithful call for an encore. Calling St. Louis ‘a special place’ she sends it home with, “Like the Way I Do”. This hard rocking lady puts it all out there, banging out a drum solo, with Brian Delaney.

Even though there was no need to further show her appreciation, Etheridge handed out the drumsticks, she used during the solo, to two lucky spectators. Having been a fan since the onset of her career, it was a true honor and pleasure to see a master practicing her craft.

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Event Date: 19-06-2017