Mayhem Festival came to Indy to destroy eardrums and shatter minds. Slayer, King Diamond, and Whitechapel were a big hit with fans, none leaving disappointed.

The start of the day being dry in Noblesville, Indiana was in doubt as far and how long the rain would play with the faithful over the duration of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest. That might have been part of the lower then expected turn out on what turned into a beautiful afternoon to have your eardrums handed to you by bands on alternating stages.

The smaller of the two stages was sponsored by Victory Records and by all accounts, smaller doesn’t always mean less. The bands that played on this stage were: The Coldcock Band Winner (not known at the time of this article), Code Orange, Shattered Sun, Sworn In, Sister Sin, Jungle Rot, Thy Art Is Murder, Whitechapel, Kissing Candice, and Feed Her To The Sharks.

All the bands that played this stage encouraged mosh pits, circle pits, crowd surfing, and making noise. Thy Art Is Murder had a nice, short PSA on why cunts aren’t as bad as we think they are. And talked about the benefits of wearing their clothing. By the time the last band closed out the stage, the weather and crowd were primed to have the night finished in a blaze of metal.

On the amphitheater stage of Klipsch Music Center were some of the titans of metal, including The Devil Wears Prada, Hellyeah, King Diamond, and the main stage headliners, Slayer.

The TDWP camp was rarely still during their set and showed why they were the perfect choice to set the tone for the rest of the big boys to follow. David Grohl isn’t the only one to play while hurt. Tom Maxwell, of Hellyeah, came out on crutches and played the entire set sitting down in obvious discomfort. Chad Gray came out with his signature vocals, high air jumps, and blood all in metal glory.

An announcement was made shortly before the third set that King Diamond, due to an eye infection, would not be wearing his signature make-up for this show. It added a bit of uniqueness to the show along with a fantastic set and stage presence. By some actions in the show, one might wonder if the King might want to grab and axe and shred his fans in a different six-string attack once and a while.

And then before the fans knew it, it was time for the Godfathers of metal to take the stage and flay the flesh from the hordes of the faithful. Not only did Slayer bring the flame and fire-pots, they played the majority of the opening songs covered in red light as to be bathed by blood. They were loud, they were fast and brutal, and they were loved by the crowd that came for exactly that kind of show.

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