The mysterious pop punk band, Masked Intruder, brought their “crime spree” to Fort Wayne on a Wednesday night.

Masked Intruder, from Madison, WI, is comprised of musicians Intruder Yellow, Intruder Green, Intruder Red, and Intruder Blue.  After meeting in jail, Blue and Green formed the band in 2011. Wearing colored ski masks on stage, with matching guitars and Chuck Taylors, they never reveal their identity on stage, or in publicity photos. Their self-titled debut album was re-released by Fat Wreck Chords in 2013. A full-on gimmick band, these guys don’t let it rest. They even bring a guy on stage dressed as an officer referring to him as Officer Bradford. The crowd ate it up. Forming a small pit, singing all the words, this crowd definitely enjoyed themselves. The band was fast, loud, and energetic. The energy on stage warmed up the newly revamped Skeletunes Lounge on a cold winter night.

Flamingo Nosebleed is a punk band from Fort Wayne who embraces fast, three chord punk rock. Touring this past summer and fall with 90s pop punk legends, The Parasites, gained Flamingo Nosebleed a whole new fan base down the east coast from Boston to Florida and back up north through Green Bay and Chicago. The band has had a few lineup changes since conception in 2008. The leader singer, Jake Emissions, is the only original member but for the last four years, the line up has been Phil Nieswender (bass), Mike Singleton (drums), and Jake Emissions (guitar/vocals). Flamingo Nosebleed is currently working on a new album that will be out in late spring/early summer.

On this night, not only were they a good match as an opening band, but it seemed that a good portion of their local fans were present. Each person in the audience knew most of the words to each song. Fast punk is quite comfortable in the hands of these boys. They embrace those three chords and play them like they are their own. It is apparent they have tons of fun on stage and the crowds do too.

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