Many 1980s bands try to cash in on former glory and play a reunion of just one or two original members. Not so with Madam X; the original lineup reunites after 30 years! This band proves there is the rare gem that still with the chemistry and magic they had from that magical era.

Madam X arose out of the mean streets of Detroit in 1981 with Maxine Petrucci (guitar), Roxy Petrucci (drums), Bret Kaiser (vocals), and Chris Doliber (bass).

They would relocate to NYC shortly after inking a record deal with Jet Records. Produced by Rick Derringer, they released their début album We Reserve The Right in 1984. This album spawned the cult classic High In High School. The video for the song became a favorite on MTV and resonated later on with the now infamous April 20th (4/20) observance for marijuana legalization.

The band experienced various lineup changes over the years. Roxy Petrucci would leave the band to join Vixen. Doliber and Kaiser also left to pursue other projects.

Fast forward to 2014 and the band, with its original classic lineup, is back! They are planning on releasing a new single, their first in decades. The new single, Another 80’s Rock Song (The Party Never Ends), was recorded at Metro 37 Studios in Rochester Hills, MI, and co-produced by Kevin Sharpe and Greg Stryker.

The teaser of Another 80’s Rock Song can be heard here on SoundCloud.

The announcement of the Madam X reunion has garnered much attention worldwide. The producers of the Sweden Rock Festival, scheduled for June 4-7, invited Madam X to perform. A festival lineup which includes Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Billy Idol, Ted Nugent, Megadeth as well as many others.

Before heading off to Sweden, Madam X played a ‘one-off’ gig on May 4th, at the Diesel Concert Lounge just outside of Detroit, MI. This was their only North American appearance and this group of seasoned musicians put on a stellar and electrifying performance!

Playing through an hour-long set of classics, they delivered a true rock n’ roll stage show just as riveting and rocking as if it were 1984 all over again. The classically trained sisters Roxy Petrucci (drums) and Maxine Petrucci (lead guitar) are just like a fine wine that just gets better with time and they ‘kicked ass’ all night long.

One would think they had been in a time capsule as their talents (and looks!) showed no sign of aging. Multi-octave singer Bret Kaiser sounded perfect this night. He sounded so good that it was almost as if he were in the studio laying down tracks. Chris “Godzilla” Doliber caused a minor earthquake with his rumbling bass lines. Not content with just smashing his bass on the stage he also managed to concuss himself smashing into his skull a few times, unknowingly gashing his head and still finishing out the set!

Set List:
Dirty Girls
Shes Hot
Come One
We Reserve The Right
Stand Up
Drum Solo
Bass Smash and Guitar Solo
Metal Veins
Another 80’S Rock Song
High School
Metal Health (Quiet Riot cover)

Madam X are:
Bret Kaiser (Vocals)
Maxine Petrucci (Guitar)
Roxy Petrucci (Drums)
Chris “Godzilla” Doliber (Bass)

Madam X

Madam X online:


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