Mac Sabbath brought their own blend of high calorie, drive thru metal to The Majestic Theater in Detroit, MI with Sros Lords and Bronze Mambas.

Opening the night was garage punk band, Sros Lords. This Detroit-born trio consists of Morgan Blank (guitar and vocals), Jamie Cherry (drums), and Cait Ash (synth). Sros Lords bring a gritty, loud, raw and fast sound. What set this band apart is the out of this world synth overlaying the wild garage punk rock sound. Drummer Jamie Cherry was an animal behind the drums, thundering so hard that he lost his symbols more than once, hyping up the crowd between almost every song. Ash was a cool machine on synth, and Blank was a master on guitar. This band had a great stage presence, a mix of your best buddy on stage and the puck rock hype man. Sounding like the party soundtrack to a 70’s sci-fi comic book, Sros Lords was an amazing show to start the night.
Their new album, Rule, is available now on iTunes.

Next up was psychedelic rock band, Bronze Mambas. This Detroit rock trio consists of David Bronze (vocals), Zander Way (drums), and Dan O’Leary (guitar). This band is well known for their psychedelic, indie rock sound and groovy tunes. They got the crowd energized and in a party mood with songs like “Ghosts”, “Space Tiger”, “Tres Dias”, and “Heights”. The crowd loved them and had the front of the stage packed in. With their aggressive drum beats, hip guitar, and otherworldly, screaming and soaring vocals, this band’s sound is like no other, an anthemic psych rock adventure that anyone can get into and dance along.
Their debut album, Back From the Dead, Vol. 1: It’s Alive!, is available now on Bandcamp.

And, with a giant red and yellow curtain pulled out in front of the stage, the crowd packed in and waited for Mac Sabbath to emerge. Then, “Send In The Clowns” softly started to play, accompanied by a maniacal giggling. The curtain dropped to the band playing “More Ribs” (“War Pigs” and vocalist Ronald Osbourne breaking out of a straitjacket and starting the show. Mac Sabbath is a Black Sabbath tribute band inspired by a famous fast food chain that starts with an “M” and ends with a “land”. Mac Sabbath is fronted by vocalist Ronald Osbourne, a zombified clown who looks like he takes makeup advice from the Joker. Along with Osborne are a terrifyingly tusked Slayer MacCheeze, an evil looking Grimalice on guitar, and a Peter Criss-inspired Catburgler. The band started only playing in their local L.A. area, but thanks to huge demand for this crazy band, they have started to tour around the country.

Vocalist Osbourne was a maniac on the stage. Between squirting ketchup and mustard into the crowd’s open mouths and hurling his bucket of confetti puke into the crowd, he had the entire crowd rocking out. Along with what could be described as the weirdest musicians to grace a stage, this band put on a crazy wild and fun show. Shelling out hits like “N.I.B.B.L.E.” (“N.I.B.”), “Pair-a-Buns” (“Paranoid”), “Sweet Beef” (“Sweet Leaf”) and, of course, “Frying Pan” (“Iron Man”), this band masters the mixture between campy fun and heavy metal. Their parody lyrics are brilliantly written and incredibly fun to rock out to.

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