Hailing from Sacramento, California A Lot Like Birds recently headlined the  Substance Sequence Tour which made a stop at Hamtramcks Paychecks Lounge on January 25, 2014. Also featured were bands Sianvar, Stolas, and The Venetia Fair.

The tour was made possible by John Collier of Cthulhu Entertainment. Collier is a local Detroit area promoter, with big aspirations to reinstate the rock back into Detroit Rock City, the Substance Sequence Tour is a great start.

Personally, I  haven’t  been a consistent follower of A Lot Like Birds. Yet, when they hit the stage, I was blown away by the energy that had been brought to a snow stricken Hamtramck, MI.

They definitely brought the California sunshine to the dark streets of  suburban Detroit.

The band makes use of two vocalists, which is something that I haven’t seen done well in a long time.  Vocalists Kurt Travis and Cory Lockwood combined their unique talents with impressive tones, harmonies, and plenty of screams.

A Lot Like Birds gave a spectacular performance to a crowd of loyal and dedicated fans.  Their music hits you like a blast of speed;  a psychedelic trance that has you thinking of the ones you love the most.  With mosh pits, stage diving, hands in the air, and a light rack climbing guitar player, it’s safe to say that this show got wild.

Not only are these guys are amazing on stage, but they also have an open heart towards their fans and press alike.  It felt like old friends just hanging out as I attempted to capture the steam rising off of Kurts body while we threw back a few shots.

I walked in to Paycheck’s Lounge not knowing who or what to expect.  I walked out a fan.

A Lot Like Birds is signed to Equal Vision Records and are currently  promoting their third album, ‘No Place’.

You can also catch the latest video for their single ‘Next to Ungodliness’ and other killer stuff at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_W7cuVpYTE&feature=kp

A Lot Like Birds online:

You can also reach out to Cthulhu Entertainment at: facebook.com/CthulhuEntertainment