Lights electrifies fans with an evening of high-energy electro-pop with support from Chase Atlantic and DCF.

Neo-pop artist DCF (aka David Charles Fischer) from Canada kicks off the show tonight, dressed in an outfit resembling a prince.  He dances about the stage singing songs including “John Cusack”,  while electronic beats provide the drive.  His set is brief, but the crowd loves it.

Next up is the Australian band Chase Atlantic.  A group of girls in the front row erupt in loud screams when they hit the stage.  Their music is a mix of alternative, pop, hip-hop, and even some jazz, with one band member on saxophone.  Lead singer Mitchel Cave leads the charge, working all parts of the stage and jumping around.  They run through an energetic set that includes the songs “Swim” and “Into It” from their 2017 self-titled release.  Many here tonight are already fans and sing along.  Judging from the applause and cheers, many others are now fans.  They are a band that definitely has a bright future.

There is a different energy in Saint Andrews Hall tonight as fans await the headliner Lights to take the stage.  The last time she played here was back in November 2015.  This time around the venue is packed.  An extensive line of diehard fans wraps around the building well in advance of the doors opening, hoping to stake out a spot up front.  Lights has broadened her reach substantially over the last 2 years, gaining fans of all ages including many young ones here this evening with their siblings or parents.

The venue goes dark and Lights takes the stage to a roar of cheers, while a wall of lights illuminates her from behind, creating a cool silhouette vibe as she dances about.  Throughout the show, the background is used to show images including characters from her comic books.  The fans erupt in even louder cheers when she works her way to the front of the stage, at one point dropping to her knees.  She is a ball of energy from the get-go and rarely lets up.  Her energy radiates to her fans as they cheer, wave their hands, sing along, jump, and dance.

Lights is touring in support of her 2017 Skin&Earth release, with over half of that album comprising her set tonight including the opening songs “New Fears” and “Savage”.  She also plays songs from across her catalog including several from Little Machines, Siberia and even “Second Go” from her 2009 album The Listening. 

Following the popular song “Toes” from Little Machines, she receives a pizza delivery that contains a synthesizer.  Playing a few notes, she jumps into the popular song “Up We Go”.  The fans really eat it up as they erupt in cheers and laughter.

About halfway in, she slows things down a bit with some acoustic versions of songs.  Accompanied by her band, including a piano dimly lit with candles, she takes a seat with her guitar and launches into the hit “Banner”.   After that song, Lights tells the audience that they are going to try something new with a song they have not played live before.  Just a few notes in and the whole audience is singing along to a phenomenal cover of Cher’s “Believe”.

Cranking things back up, Lights emerges in shorts and dances about as she runs through several songs including “Skydiving” and “Same Sea”.  She also takes some time to drop into the photo pit and greet her fans up front.  You can sense the bond she as with her fans as they surge forward to touch her and most have their cell phones out to capture the moment. 

She closes the main portion of her set with two fan favorites, the upbeat “Running with the Boys” and “Giants” that has the fans fired up and singing along.  Returning to the stage for an encore, she plays “We Were Here” and then sits down at the keyboard and closes with “Almost Had Me”, which ironically is also the final song on her current release.

Tonight’s show leaves the fans thoroughly entertained with solid sets by all 3 artists, but especially from Lights.  She has come a long way and raised the bar on what is one of the best live shows this reviewer has seen in a quite a while.  It’s about time the rest of the world wakes up to this truly talented and inspiring person.  Make sure to check out her albums and catch her live wherever you can.

The full set for Lights tonight is ”New Fears”,  “Savage”, “Second Go”, “Toes”,  “Up We Go”,”Siberia”, “Moonshine”, “Banner”, “Believe”, “Muscle Memory”, ”Skydiving”, “Same Sea”, “Fight Club”, “Morphine”,  “Running With the Boys”, “Giants”, and the encores “We Were Here” and “Almost Had Me”.

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Event Date: 09-MAR-2018