Las Rageous returns for the third year to Downtown Las Vegas with headlining bands like The Used, Bring Me The Horizon, Chevelle and Rob Zombie

Festivals are always popular and it is easy to see why, fans get to see a lot of their favorite bands in one spot.  The Las Rageous festival is new to the scene with this being its third year, but it remains to be very popular.  This year they made the change moving it from April to October in Las Vegas.  This allows for some more seasonable weather and lines up with more of the fall festivals. 

The fans are packing in early for day one and it is easy to see why with the lineup that includes Dead Girls Academy, He is Legend, Fever 333, Sleeping with Sirens, Dance Gavin Dance, The Used and Bring Me the Horizon.  This is a solid lineup and each band brings something different to the festival. 

Fever 333 puts on a highly energetic performance that also showcases their politics and what they feel is important.  This band brings to mind feelings of classic Rage Against the Machine, but they are one of the first performances that really gets the crowd excited. 

From their performance on the night just keeps getting better and better.  The crowd packs the second stage on the street adjacent for The Used and it is easy to see why.  They deliver a solid performance that has been missed since the last time they played Las Vegas was on the final Warped Tour. 

As soon as their set finishes the fans run to the other stage to see Bring Me the Horizon and that band provides a stage show that is unmatched.  The giant video screens display colorful images and there is a post-apocalyptic feel to the performance complete with female dancers, gas masks and pyrotechnics.  Oliver Sykes interacts with the crowd and delivers a theatrical performance that is fun.  He even brings fans on stage at one point to sing a song.  Just before one in the morning, the show wraps up and the fans leave excited for day two.

As the gates open for day two, it is clear this is going to be a larger crowd today.  That could be because of the bands or the fact that this is a Saturday and most people don’t have to work first.  In any case, today’s lineup is equally as strong, but leans more toward the heavy metal hard rock genres with The Hu, White Chapel, Beartooth, Atreyu, I Prevail, Chevelle and Rob Zombie.  There is no question this is an aggressive lineup, more than yesterday and the fans are excited about it. 

The Hu have a huge crowd to start the main stage off and this band is definitely unique and it is easy to see why they have so many fans in the crowd.  They are playing Las Vegas again next month and I am sure it will be packed after seeing the crowds reaction here.  Their performance is totally unique for the weekend and something that hasn’t been seen before.   

All these bands today really deliver high energy performances and the day just keeps getting better and better.  Atreyu’s set consists of mostly older songs, Beartooth and I Prevail are perfect on the main stage energizing the fans to their highest point all weekend which is a perfect lead-in for the headliners. 

Like last night the second stage is packed for Chevelle and the band doesn’t disappoint, they even started early exciting the eager fans.  This three-piece always seems so much larger then they are live and tonight is no different.  They play a good mix of their catalogue and close out the second stage perfectly. 

As we return to the main stage for Rob Zombie we get our first glimpse of the video screens, custom microphone stands and risers that await us.  From the moment Rob, John 5 and Piggy D take the stage it is easy to see why they remain so popular.  This is the last night of Rob Zombie’s tour but they bring it all and don’t slow down at all.  Their performance is exactly what you expect and want covering their catalogue along with one White Zombie song and their cover of “Helter Skelter.”  The fans are even treated to the trailer of Rob’s latest movie “Three From Hell” before the encore.  This performance is a perfect way to close out the weekend and the Las Rageous Festival.

After these two days this festival shows no signs of slowing down and the fans continue to come out year after year.  People are excited to see what will happen next year for this festival as it just continues to grow each year.  Until then they hope to see some of these bands on their own tours in the coming year. 

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Event Date: 19-OCT-2019

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