Lamb of God makes a welcome stop in Norfolk on their current tour with support from Anthrax, Deafheaven, and Power Trip.

The show was originally scheduled at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. At the last minute, it was moved to The NorVA. While the threat of cancellation due to inclement weather clouded the horizon, fans rejoiced when a Facebook post from The NorVA’s staff said the show was a go.

Dallas, Texas thrashers, Power Trip, start the night with an extremely high-energy set that sets the mosh pit in motion and pumps up all throughout the venue. Their eight-song set is made up almost entirely of songs from their 2013 album, Manifest Decimation, with the lone exception of “Suffer No Fool” from their 2011 EP, Power Trip.

Deafheaven is next in the lineup. However, the lack of response from the crowd makes it clear that the band’s style of music does not fit this show. While there are those in the audience who like the band, most are spending the time looking at their phones. This is unfortunate as Deafheaven’s avant-garde post-metal sound is tight and their material both complex and unique.

The last time Anthrax played in Hampton Roads was nearly six years ago when they were part of the Jagermeister Tour with Megadeth and Slayer. Many who attended that show said Anthrax was the band to beat; the same is true tonight. The thrash metal veterans waste no time tonight getting the mosh pit going by starting their set with “Fight Em Till You Can’t” from Worship Music. They follow with “Caught In A Mosh” from Among The Living and “Evil Twin” from their upcoming album. Anthrax ends their set with “Indians” and “Among The Living.” Although too short for most, Anthrax’s fans are many in number and obviously pleased with their performance.

While most came specifically for Anthrax, they stick around for Lamb of God as they start their set with “Desolation,” quickly followed by “512” and “Walk With Me in Hell.” The crowd sings along with Randy, and the mosh pit is in full swing. The band plays a good mix of songs from VII: Sturm und Drang, Ashes of the Wake, and Sacrament. They end the night with “Redneck.”

With the impending winter storm nicknamed “Snowmageddon,” many thought this show would be cancelled. However, Norfolk was spared, and the fans are rewarded with a brutal Friday night to start their weekend.

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