Lacuna Coil makes a welcome return to the North East of England for their first show in the region in almost five years.

A capacity crowd is in attendance at The Riverside to witness the band’s return to Newcastle, as they welcome us to their impromptu Sanitarium, which is the theme for the show and a source of inspiration for their latest and eighth studio record, Delerium.

Lacuna Coil’s theatrical stage show encapsulates the mood and feel of an asylum. The stage set comes complete with steel cages in the wings which are sometimes used to house various members of the band during the course of the evening, each of whom is sporting rather appropriate stage costumes in the shape of straight jackets.

Lacuna Coil’s devastating latest studio album is arguably their heaviest record to date, and as the band takes to the stage they waste no time at all in digging deep into their latest offering with the incredible “Ultima Ratio”. The record largely forms the basis for tonight’s show with several numbers featuring throughout the course of the show.

Cristina Scabbia was recently nominated in the Best Female Vocalist category at the forthcoming Revolver Awards and on the strength of tonight’s performance, it’s easy to understand why. Scabbia is the Yin to Ferro’s Yang, her spellbindingly beautiful voice provides balance and perfectly compliments Andrea’s much more metal vocals particularly on tracks like “Ghost In The Mist” and “Blood, Tears and Dust”.

The band takes us back to their early days and the Comalies album with a rare airing of “The Ghost and The Hunter”, which has been slightly reworked for the occasion, and it slows down the proceedings somewhat. Scabbia has such a phenomenal vocal range, she effortlessly hits those sustained high notes and captivates the Geordie audience in attendance tonight.

The hauntingly twisted love song “You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You” features some great vocal harmonies from Ferro and Scabbia and as the band proceed they pick up the pace with “Our Truth”. The pounding rhythm section of Marco Zelati (bass) and Ryan Folden (drums) works effectively well together and certainly gets the crowd jumping.

As the band head into the final strides of their main set, they launch into a euphoric rendition of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence”, which they make their own, before closing with “Nothing Stands In Our Way”. The latter of which features some crunchy guitar riffs from new boy Diego Cavallotti and leaves the crowd wanting more.

The band return to the stage for a duly deserved encore, as Lacuna Coil finish the night, in the same manner, they started it with a couple of tracks from the new record. These include the band’s incredible new single “Delerium”, fan favourite “Zombies” from their 2014 album Broken Crown Halo, and “The House of Shame”, whereby Ferro really lets out some primordial growls.

Tonight Lacuna Coil proves exactly why they have been picking up high-profile accolades in recent times such as Best International Band at the Metal Hammer Awards, it is justifiably so. The band promise to return to the North East of England sooner rather than later.

Lacuna Coil
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