The Kyle Gass Band bring a foot stomping, ass shaking, highly energetic, fun rock ‘n’ roll show to Glasgow. Oh, and double recorders.

Kicking off the night’s proceedings are Glaswegian rock trio The Toi, who warm up the audience with a blend of old and new songs. The venue is beginning to fill up by this point and the audience is treated to lively rhythms from drummer Stevie McLay, an infectious chorus and neat guitar playing by vocalist/guitarist Pol Healy.  

Mid-set the band deliver a sublime cover of Alannah Myles “Black Velvet”, which brings a huge round of applause from the Cathouse crowd. “Come Alive” features some classic eighties sounding guitar and fantastic riffs from Healy. 

The Toi end their set with melodic rock track “Down By The River”, as Healy explains, it is for “anyone who has ever fallen in love”. The threesome gel well together, and provide top entertainment with typical Glaswegian humour and wit.  

As soon as The Kyle Gass Band takes to the stage the Glasgow crowd erupt as they launch into “Manchild”. With foot-stomping classic rock riffs and rhythms, the band open with one of their strongest tracks to date. It doesn’t take too long for the band and the Glasgow crowd to get warmed up and become familiar with one another as the group completes a trio of numbers from their debut record. The Kyle Gass Band certainly knows how to entertain and play up to both the camera and the audience respectfully.

Vocalist and acoustic guitarist Kyle Gass informs Glasgow that they have “come to the right place tonight for great rock and roll music” before the band launch into the “Cakey”, which is the first song of the night from their brilliant recent album Thundering Herd.

Tonight the Kyle Gass Band sound incredibly tight with great rock ‘n’ roll guitar playing from John Koneskey and Mike Bray, who between them have superb chemistry together on stage. Drummer Tim Spier and Bass player Jason “Uncle Jazz” Keene in the rhythm section play off each other throughout. Gass himself impresses with his huge voice, energy, charisma, personality and his exceptional recorder skills.

Gass flirts with the audience at times and touches fists with those in the front row occasionally before things slow down just a little for one of the highlights of the night “Tremendous”. The band live up to the song title here with some brilliant blues guitar playing from Koneskey, and a superb solo with some dual guitar playing with Bray joining in. Gass is in fine voice, armed with his acoustic guitar in hand, there are also some nice vocal harmonies with Bray here.

Gass dedicates “Bro Ho” to the ladies, and afterwards tells us “Bro Code” is for the bros, “The ladies might want to leave the room”. Afterwards, Gass jokingly invites the ladies back into the room and propositions a member of the audience who came tonight with her partner to celebrate their anniversary. Gass quips “Don’t get married. Let me take your lady home and I will bring her back a happier woman”. This leads into the band performing “Bring Her Back”.

Bray introduces “Hell or High Water” as a song that requires drinking. A fan offers Gass his pint of beer from which Gass gratefully obliges. It is the heaviest song tonight, and a few headbangers are seen at the front. Keene really shines here, with deep bass tones, coupled together with tight rhythms by drummer Tim Spier.

The band seemed a little overwhelmed when all of the Glasgow faithful starts chanting before a very funky and groovy “Bone Bone”.

“Do you want to see Tim sing a song?” Gass asks before Spier takes the mic and performs a medley of songs including The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” and Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”. The crowd really get into it as Spier does his best Jackson impersonation. 

A series of superb cover songs grace the encore with Gass skilfully playing two recorders at the same time during their jazzy/funky/blues rendition of Sugarloaf’s “Green Eyed Lady”. The Kyle Gass Band end the night with an energetic cover of “Vehicle” by The Idles of March, whereby Bray displays his impressive vocal range. The crowd chant for more but every great gig must come to an end. 

The Kyle Gass Band
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Event Date: 31-MAR-2017

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