KONGOS hit Saint Andrews Hall with Fitness midway through their 1929 Tour.

After some serious time out of the spotlight, The KONGOS brothers (Johnny, Jesse, Dylan, and Danny) have come back to their roots, reconnected with fans with their Bus Call series on YouTube, returned on their own independent label, and set out on a tour to promote their latest album 1929: Part 1.

Opening the night is LA synth electro-rock band Fitness. This band is chock full of attitude as they start the night with “Sing.” Vocalist Max Collins towers over the crowd as he struts his stuff through songs like “Cold Rain,” “Itch,” and “Good Bad Time” which Max said is about accepting your inner demons.

Kenny Carkeet is the man that does everything, manning the guitar, keyboard, as well as the synths, samples, and loops; all the while hyping the crowd up with his boisterous energy. Ben Hilzinger held the band together with a punishing drum beat throughout the set.

After playing “Kill the Rich” from their latest album Karate, Max asked the crowd to find them on social media, explaining that their name was taken everywhere, so they are simply “fitnesswastaken” online. Their music is catchy and gets stuck in your head in the best way. The slower beat of “Matter Of Time” was followed by the cover of The Fly’s “Got You Where I Want You.”

While chatting with the crowd, Max noticed a couple decked out in a full gown and tuxedo in the crowd and pulled them on stage for the final two songs “Lying” and “Cold Rain.” This band is a fun-filled trio that is quickly going places, you have to check them out.

KONGOS took the stage and kick off their set with Jesse Kongos’ drum and bass pedals vibrating through the venue to the beat of “I Am Not Me” from 1929: Part 1. They waste no time, jumping right into “The World Would Run Better” and “Take It From Me,” both off their 2016 album, Egomaniac.

The band is excited to showcase their newest material, playing tracks from 1929 like the slow ballad “When You’re Here,” “Everything Must Go,” the upbeat synth track “Something New,” and the fun, jazzy “Stand Up” which utilizes Johnny Kongos’ accordion skills perfectly. The brothers took turns singing lead, with Jesse Kongos taking on primary vocal duties from the drums.

The crowd lost it for the band’s big hit “Come With Me Now”, the venue thrummed with the volume of the band and the crowd singing along. After, the band went with a refreshing turn with their new single “Pay for the Weekend,” they still love their past but are focusing on the future.

The crowd cheers as the brothers come back for the encore and went into a fun cover of the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” and an early song “I’m Only Joking”, a perfectly trippy way to end the night. These brothers have gone through some tumultuous few years, but tonight has been a clear indication that the band has truly found their sound and has solidified themselves back on the scene. 1929: Part 1 is an album worth checking out, and this tour is a must see.

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Saint Andrew’s Hall
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Event Date: 24-JAN-2019

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