Kasey Tyndall rattles the roof as she brings her show to Cowboy Up in Mendon, MI for a weekend of fun, rockin’ country music. 

In a small quiet community in south-west Michigan, you will find a dance hall concert club surrounded by farmer’s fields, rivers and streams. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night Cowboy Up comes alive to the countless number of line dancers and country music fans who have worked all week and are looking for a night of entertainment; both on the dance floor and on stage.  

For the weekend’s entertainment, Kasey Tyndall arrives for two nights of musical entertainment. Friday night is a warm-up night to get the smaller crowd familiar with her as Kasey prepares for a full house crowd on Saturday night.

Kasey, originally from Greenville, NC. now calls Nashville home after winning a radio station contest to sing a duet with Keith Urban on his song “We Were Us” normally sung by Miranda Lambert. After winning the contest, Kasey received numerous phone calls which led her to Nashville and signing a publishing deal at Sony/ATV.

Kasey now travels with her band of brothers playing shows across the US entertaining crowds as she is this weekend in Mendon. Her band making the music for the weekend consists of guitar player Shane Smith, Jack Getz on bass guitar and Wayne Estes Jr. on Drums.

The show fires up as Kasey opens with “Kerosene” by Miranda Lambert before going “Downtown” with Lady Antebellum. With the dance floor full of line dancers in the center and two-steppin’ around the perimeter, Kasey keeps it country throughout the first set of the evening including a classic “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)” by Loretta Lynn.

Stretched out during the evening, Kasey introduces songs from an upcoming album due out later this spring. Songs from that album include “Bad Boys”, “Remember My Name”, “Who I Ain’t”, “Girls That Don’t” and “Baby Doll.” Her current single “Everything Is Texas” is also her debut from the new album.  

Known for her vast collection of rock and roll t-shirts of AC/DC, Ramones and Guns ‘n Roses. This evening’s apparel doesn’t lack as Kasey is clothed with a white AC/DC crop top, black pants and a black leather jacket. As the evening continues and the atmosphere warms, Kasey removes her jacket.

With the evening progressing Kasey brings up a local teen to sing with her at different points of the show. “Heart Like Mine” and “When You Say Nothing At All” kick off the second set while the duet continues on later with another Miranda Lambert hit “Gunpowder & Lead.”

Kasey also shares the microphone with her band mates as Shane performs “All Star” by Smash Mouth and Jack leads everyone back to the “Boondocks” with Little Big Town. 

As each set kicks off, the music gets louder as the crowd gets a little more unwound and rowdier. With the first set being based on the country genre, each set after gains more of a rock tone to it with songs like “I Love Rock And Roll” and “My Own Worst Enemy.”  

Being self-taught to play the guitar by the age of ten has shown Kasey’s ability and drive to entertain crowds with her music. On stage, she staggers her songs throughout her song set list to give her the opportunity to showcase her talented guitar playing while also making time to gather with a group of ladies dancing in front of the stage or wrestling up others to join them on the dance floor.  

Kasey ends her night one performance with the all too familiar show closer to most local dance halls with the Garth Brooks hit “Friends In Low Places.” The dancers and others from throughout the club run up and stand in chorus line formation to help assist in the singing.

As the song finishes, the crowd and band leave the stage for the final time of the evening. For the stage lights will dim down to darkness as the show concludes and waits for another tomorrow.

With all the fun that has been had on this evening between the band and the crowd in front of them, it is evident that those in attendance here will be back for the full show following the next evening.

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Event Date: 24-MAR-2017