The Token Lounge was rocked to the core by the legendary John 5 with his band The Creatures along with Resistance and The Creeping Chaos.

You know you’re in for a fantastic show when the place is packed from the time the doors open.

Opening the night was The Creeping Chaos. This band is a fantastic mashup of bluesy grunge, industrial, metal, and good old rock n’ roll; trying to put them into one category is nearly impossible.
They have an aggressive sound that pulls you up to the stage and gets your adrenaline pumping. Mixed with their hard rock and metal is a hint of blues, giving their sound an added depth.
Kaminski’s vocals are gritty, powerful, and raw. His guitar work is a driving force of their material. Stoker commands your attention on drums, giving the band their heavy hitting sound. Samp gives the band the groove on his bass, providing the rumble that you can feel in your chest, amping you up even more.
It’s obvious that these guys love the music they play, they exude happiness and passion throughout their entire set, with the crowd feeding off it. It was a powerful start to the night; you couldn’t have dreamed of a better opening act.
Currently celebrating their album, Meticulosa Veritatis, this band is going places fast. We can only hope they keep it up.
This Detroit trio consists of Rob Kaminski (lead vocals/guitar), Derek “D-Unit” Samp (bass/backup vocals), and Micheal Stoker (drums).

Hitting the stage next is Resistance. This author, having seen them perform several times, can attest: this is a band unlike any other. They blend modern rock with gnarly metal in the best way possible.
Vocalist Stephens is amazing as always; she never ceases to amaze the crowd with her versatile voice and animated stage presence. She can sing the sweetest melodies and bellow the most guttural screams. Spaly is a hurricane on drums, engrossed in his music, thundering and driving the band forward. Gray was imposing on stage, exuding power through his guitar as he played. Sneary’s gritty rumbling bass gave the band their haunting groove.
Rocking out original favorites like “Baked,” “Lust,” and “Drama,” this band radiates a zeal for their music, a passion which the crowd loved. It is a great thing to see such a hardworking, talented band get showered with love from their fans crowding the stage.
Resistance hail from Ypsilanti, Michigan and consists of Lisa Stephens (vocals), Billy Gray (guitar), Jeff Sneary (bass), and Joe Spaly (drums).

The crowd packed in and cheered as the curtains opened. John 5 and The Creatures strode onto the stage, launching into “Flight Of The Vulcan Kelly.”
John 5 is a legend. Having worked with frontmen such as Marilyn Manson, Rob Halford, Dave Lee Roth, and Rob Zombie, he has cemented his place in the metal community as an impressive guitarist, even winning Best Guitarist at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods.
In October 2014, John 5 did a series of web shows to celebrate the release of the album, Careful With That Axe. On the back of the success of the album and web shows, John 5 took his solo act on the road as John 5 and The Creatures in February/March 2015, joined by long-time friend, Rodger Carter, on drums and Ian Ross on bass.

Stoic on the stage, John 5 barely spoke throughout the entire show, he lets his music speak for itself, and it speaks volumes. It’s tough to put on an entirely instrumental set, but John 5 had the crowd captivated the entire time. His guitar work is amazing, his fingers seemed to move inhumanly fast.
Carter and Ross were fantastic. They not only supported John 5 but stood out on their own as amazing musicians. Carter was a juggernaut on drums, matching John 5’s power and enthusiasm; he gives the band it’s driving sound. Ross ties everything together on bass giving the crowd the groove to rock to while John 5 soars on his guitar. Together, this trio is refined and wild at the same time.
The band shell out hits like “This Is My Rifle,” “Jiffy Jam,” “Six Hundred and Sixty Six,” “Sin,” and even a fan favorite cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” It is a fun, fantastic show. Full of energy and a mesmerizing display of guitar prowess, the crowd is head over heels celebrating the amazing talents of John 5 and The Creatures.
John 5 and The Creatures will continue touring through March after which John 5 will join up again with Rob Zombie at the end of April to tour throughout the summer of 2016.

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