The No Sleep Till Waffle House tour made a stop at the Taphouse in Norfolk, Virginia for an evening of metal with Ikillya and Yesterday’s Saints.

This show was originally scheduled to play at Pancho and Luigi’s, a much larger venue. For reasons not specified, the location was moved to the Norfolk Taphouse. Until recently, the Taphouse only supported indie rock and punk acts, so this is a major change for them.

Playing their second show ever, Virginia Beach’s Rotten gave the crowd a taste on their take of thrash and death metal, with songs including “Stop Drop and Thrash” and “Torture Room.” Their set was well received by the crowd.

All Has Fallen, also from Virginia Beach, had some technical issues before they started but managed to squeeze in five songs, including “Don’t Feed the Zombie” and “Burning Bridges.”

Yesterday’s Saints, the Washington D.C. based melodic death metal band, played next. For them, it had been several years since they last played any venue in Hampton Roads. Even so, several dedicated fans showed up specifically for them. The band did not disappoint anyone with a set that included songs mostly from their first full length album, Generation of Vipers, which included songs “Origen Adamantius”, “The Recruitment,” and “Cain’s Agony.”

The last appearance for Ikillya in Hampton Roads was October 30th of last year supporting Byzantine, meaning most people were familiar with them. Wasting no time, they started with “…and Hell Followed with Him” and “Lifesblood” from Recon. Next was “Of the Most Magnificent” and “Driven” from their 2014 effort, Vae Victus, which they played the title track of to end their set.

The No Sleep Till Waffle House Tour runs through October 11, with their last show in New York City.


All Has Fallen

Yesterday’s Saints
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