Iced Earth stormed The Shelter in Detroit, MI on The Incorruptible World Tour with Sanctuary and Kill Ritual at their side.

Kill Ritual started the night. This heavy metal band formed from former members of Imagika, Dark Angel, and Eldritch. Over the years, they have put out five albums, changed members, and continued to pump out thrashing, powerful metal. Currently celebrating their latest album All Men Shall Fall, the band is only gaining speed. They deliver a blistering blend of heavy metal and thrash, putting a modernized twist on an impressive sound that had the crowd piling in. David Reed Watson’s voice soared over the crowd as Seamus Gleason pounded the drums; all the while Chris Lotesto and Steven Rice were electrifying on either side of the stage. They had a fantastic energy and truly pumped up the already raucous crowd for an insane night of metal.

Sanctuary charged the stage next, launching into “Die for My Sins”. This thrash metal band began in Seattle, Washington in 1985. They split up in 1992 but reformed 18 years later. All were thinking of Warrel Dane, the band’s late and great vocalist, who passed away prior to this tour. Joseph Michael graciously stepped in to fulfill vocal duties. This tour has become the farewell tour for Sanctuary, both in memory of Dane, as well as the final tour for Sanctuary. Michael truly did the music justice, his gnarly voice ripped through the room as he got in everyone’s face, giving the small venue an even closer feel. Lenny Rutledge and Joey Concepcion thrashed on guitars, leading the band through “Battle Angels”, “Arise and Purify”, “Soldiers of Steel” and more. George Hernandez was furious on the bass, and Dave Budbill pulled everything together as his drums thundered through the night. Sanctuary poured their heart and soul into the music; it was a perfect tribute to Warrel Dane.

With the crowd chanting their name, Iced Earth took the stage and started into “Great Heathen Army” from their latest album Incorruptible. The heavy metal band from Tampa, FL was formed in 1984, after twelve albums, multiple band member changes, and countless tours, they have never relented and are stronger today than ever before. Their concept albums are like nothing else, providing a soundtrack to the most epic stories. Jon Schaffer leads the helm with his screaming guitar and gnarly voice, accompanying Jake Dreyer’s searing guitar solos. Brent Smedley drums boomed through the venue as Luke Appleton’s bass pulsed through everyone’s chest. Stu Block’s voice was on point as always, jumping from mournful verses to primal screams to triumphant battle cries, all the while smiling ear to ear. The band powered through the bottom-dwelling “Black Flag”, the high octane “Stormrider”- where Jon Schaffer made a welcome return to the vocals, the almost operatic “Dracula”, the anthemic “Dystopia”, and so many more. They made sure to cover the wide span of their music catalog, and put their new album on display with “Black Flag”, “Raven Wing”, “Brothers”, and “Seven Headed Whore”. Their music soared as the crowd threw their fists in the air and moved together, almost seeming to make the building move. The music hit an all-time high with “Angels Holocaust” and finally the epic “Travel In Stygian” and the band left the stage. They soon returned with a two songs encore, attacking the crowd with “Clear the Way (December 13th, 1862)”. They ended the night with “Watching Over You”, a touching tribute to Sanctuary’s Warrel Dane. The show was incredible and the whole band was playing at full blast from start to finish.

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Event Date: 28-MAR-2018

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