The deep freeze of downtown Detroit takes a break to get hot when a masterful mob of musical mummies marches into Saint Andrew’s Hall: Watch Out! Here Come The Mummies…

Despite the retreating polar vortex and a dose of ridiculous winter weather, die-hard Detroiters stacked in rows deep to spend a frighteningly funky evening with the musical mystery phenom known as Here Come The Mummies. Known for an electrical and outlandish stage show, BIG and funky sounds, a general unpredictable nature and just plain F-U-N, these Nashvillian mumsters have come to the Motor City wrapped for business! With all bodies packed safely into the mighty Saint Andrews Hall, we see a venue packed to capacity as the “Sold-Out” status proudly displays across the ticket box. A diverse crowd is here tonight: young, old, male, female, and just about all genres of music are represented with assorted concert-goer swag.

10:31pm and a disruption begins among the crowd. A procession of mysterious musical mummies march through the packed crowd. Lead by none other than Mummy Cass, the dozen deep entourage are pounding out a cadence on their LED fueled light drums as the parade presses forward toward center stage. Right out of the gate, the mummies get the crowd attention with some fancy stick work and the line drumming marksmanship of an Ivey League drum line. The crew cleverly segues into “My Party” and the hips begin gyrating. The crowd joins into a powerful version of “Ra Ra Ra” and the night keeps rolling as Here Come The Mummies deliver over 90 minutes of material that covers their eight studio albums, four studio EP’s and three live album career. Fan favorite “Freak Flag” shows just how tight the HCTM crew really is, and affords all it’s members a moment in the spotlight. Rythm section Eddie Mummy on the skins, and K.W. Mummy pounding out the bass line prove tight and in the pocket throughout the night. The sounds of the HCTM brass section are big, bold, and are the finishing touch to this unique sound that only a Mummy can own.

Fans then got to “Whip It Out,” with a little “Friction,” followed by a powerhouse performance of “Fenk Shui.”; And there is more… Here Come The Mummies dropped their “Pants” and then “She Loves Dick” much to the chagrin of those in the front row. HCTM commands the stage, filling the venue with a BIG sound that keeps the crowd in a trance like state as they gyrate to the mummified melodies. With quick change ups, blazing horns, pounding back beats, tasty grooves and the riff-tacular fret board rips of Mummy Cass, what is not to love? Visually stunning, their show offers so much to look at, with oodles of entertainment on both sides of the stage, often times perfectly synchronized. Even the most eclectic of ears rode hard this evening as these master class musicians gave a jaw dropping performance.

The mummies march on with “Shag Carpet,” “Flying Solo,” and a quite memorable version of “Make It Shake.” Ending a massive set on the classic “Single, Double, Triple” brings the mummified marathon to a close, or does it? The mummies return for an ultra funky-deluxe version of “Attack of the Wiener Man” that made even the security team stop to watch. Here Come The Mummies comes as an extremely memorable concert experience that is highly recommend. Catch them on the road now! For details and performance dates visit the bands official website.

Here Come The Mummies
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Event Date: 01-FEB-2019

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