Hellyeah brought their “Blood For Blood” tour to a sold out show in Flint, MI.

Hellyeah has a history of selling out the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. Currently out on their Blood For Blood tour, Hellyeah brought Devour The Day, Like A Storm and Archer along for the ride.

Although it was a Tuesday night, it sure felt like a Saturday, as the party was in full-effect before the first band had even hit the stage.

The Shop was packed to capacity as Archer kicked off the festivities. Archer is an unrelenting ass-kicking heavy rock and metal band from Santa Cruz, California who definitely brought the goods. The band consists of Dylan Rose (Guitar/Vocals), David De Silva (Bass) and Keyhan Moini (Drums). Audience favorites seemed to be “Belief,” “Culling the Weak,” and “Day That Never Came.”

Next up was Flint’s favorite Kiwi Rockers, Like A Storm. Michigan is like a second home to these guys. Although hailing from New Zealand, they seem to play here more than any other place in the U.S. They even rented a house on Lake Michigan where they finished recording their new album, Awaken The Fire.

The band consists of three brothers; Chris Brooks (Vocals/Guitars), Matt Brooks (Guitar/Vocals) and Kent Brooks (Bass) plus touring member Zach Wood (Drums). They like to call their style of music Didgeridoo Metal as they are one of the only, if NOT the only, hard rock bands out there incorporating the didgeridoo as a main instrument in their sound.

Today was a special day for Like A Storm as it was the release day for Awaken the Fire. To celebrate, the band drove into town early for a performance on Flint’s Rock Radio 101.5 WWBN The Banana, a performance on Flint TV station ABC12, plus an in-store signing at the FYE store at the Genesee Valley Mall. But, the real celebration was later that night as their performance at the Machine Shop was the official CD release party for the new album!

The crowd fell silent as the ‘hum’ of the didgeridoo captivated them. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on Chris as his didgeridoo intro segued into the song “Chemical Infatuation.” The rest of the band kicked it into full gear and kept the energy going throughout their entire set. These brothers love to play live and it shows through on their energetic live set.

Although every song seemed to be a crowd favorite, definite highlights were their newest single “Wish You Hell” and “Love The Way You Hate Me,” which is the single that put these guys on the map. The band has made history as the highest-charting New Zealand Hard Rock act in the U.S. Active Rock Charts. They are also the only New Zealand act ever to chart in any U.S. chart with no record label.

Next up were Memphis, Tennessee rockers Devour the Day, who consist of Blake Allison (Vocals/Guitar) and Joey “Chicago” Walser (Bass/Vocals) with touring members Ronnie Farris (Drums) and David Hoffman (Guitar). The band formed in 2012 after the demise of Egypt Central.

Defining the future of contemporary rock, Devour the Day kept the momentum going with their unique heavy, yet melodic, rock sound. They engaged the crowd with a solid, heavy and passionate performance. There were enthusiastic cheers to their new song “Faith” which Joey Chicago says is “about music as an art, a human expression of imagination, and on any given day, it can save you.” Other highlights were “Respect” and their smash hit “Good Man,” which is their biggest single to date having charted in the Top Ten on the Active Radio charts.

Commanding everyone’s attention from the moment they stepped onto the stage, Texas-based metal group Hellyeah kept everyone in the grip of their fist throughout their entire set. This powerhouse live band consists of Chad Gray (Vocals), Vinnie Paul (Drums), Tom Maxwell (Guitar), Kyle Sanders (Bass) and Christian Brady (Guitar).

Although containing members from Pantera/Damageplan, Mudvayne, and Nothingface, Hellyeah’s official bio states, “Headbangers, take note! Don’t waste time concerning yourself with the band members’ impressive resumes or with dwelling on their previous work, Hellyeah lives in the here and now.” This statement hits the head on the nail, as Hellyeah is the evolution of metal for today’s generation.

This was one crazy loud night and Hellyeah’s performance solidified them as the kings of the mosh pit. At one point, Gray stated “You want to get fucking nuts? A 5 hour energy and some antihistamine, let’s do this!” The crowd moshed, slammed and circled about even bumping fists with Gray as he loomed over them at the very front of the stage. Grey even took a moment and said “This is what its all about people. Every time we play here you guys show up and sell this place out for us. We love playing here. The Machine Shop is the CBGB’s of the Midwest.”

This is a group of high-caliber musicians who are loud, tight and dead on. Each person present felt the power behind every song as they pumped their fists into the air to such classics as “Hellyeah!,” “Drink Drank Drunk,” “Alcohaulin’ Ass,” “Cowboy Way,” and “You Wouldn’t Know,” as well as soon-to-be classics “Cross to Bier (Cradle of Bones),” “Moth,” and “Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood).”

Hellyeah were definitely the loudest and the heaviest band of the night. Gray’s vocals were as brutal as they come. The guitars were tuned low and both Maxwell and Brady played so well off one another that you thought they had been playing together their entire life. Sanders thrashed around the stage and his massive dreads seemed to take a life of their own. And, Vinnie Paul lived up to his name playing his drums with such thunderous vigor that there was no doubt this man was born to play them… Can I get a Hell, Yeah!

Our photographer, Thom Seling, was on hand to capture the mayhem. Here are his images from that night.

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