The future is looking bright with this up and coming pair. Paves and Hello Operator look certain to be big in 2016.

This Feeling nights, concerts produced by This Feel Promotions, are fast becoming “the” place to see new bands, putting gigs on across the whole of the country labelled “The most rock n’ roll night out in the UK.”

Tonight was at The Joiners in Southampton, one of the best small venues in the UK which has seen the likes of Muse, Green Day, and Oasis grace its stage.

Paves are up first. The London-based band play a heady mix of blues rock with just a hint of the psychedelic plus a large dose of the wah-wah pedal thrown in. Mike Whitaker pulls a host of licks and riffs from his Gibson. With a talented back line of Perry Reed on bass and Tom Triggs on drums, the group sound impressive. All you need to add is an awesome singer, and Luke Shield brings that and more with an exceptional vocal akin to Jagger or even Morrison with a soulful tone. He is also an accomplished guitarist.

Comparisons to The Doors or Rolling Stones would be easy to make, but the band have their own style with original material. The opening song, “I got a feeling (My baby won”t let me go),” and “Woman” are cleverly written pieces with great melodies. The latest single, “Take Me While I’m Here,” is a spiralling piece of blues-infused rock.

They finish the set off with a stunning rendition of “Get Out”, a massive song with Luke’s vocal providing a gigantic chorus, culminating in a symbol crashing, guitar thrashing finale. They have yet to record it with the same vibe as the live version. It’ll be a shame if they don”t manage to pull that off one day.

Hello Operator bring a fuzz-filled desert rock which is delivered with a genuine rock n’ roll attitude. The young band from York are already turning heads in the industry. They played the BBC introducing at Reading Festival and were recently named Band of the Week on BBC Radio 1 with their latest single “Stephanie.”

They open the set with “Hallucination Lucifer,” with slow grungy riffs are sprinkled with clever licks from Peter Greenwood. The rhythm section is a heavy pounding affair, with Sam Dalton on the bass and drums from Eddy Ellison. It builds up through the gravelly vocals of Max Dalton to a powerful chorus, and features a superb solo from Greenwood.

Dalton is a charismatic frontman, high on energy, with cheeky northern wit and a real stage presence. He interacts well with the crowd as he gently persuades them to join in on the extremely catchy “Oosh.” It’s a strong contender for another potential single and one which could easily become a fan favourite.

The next single release is due to be “Operator Hour” easy to see why; it is a fast paced, energetic, riff-filled song with an in-your-face chorus that you want to scream back at the band. The track is dirty and bluesy rock n’ roll for the masses and a highlight of the set. Stomping and jumping ensues from the crowd.

The excellent first single “Stephanie” already seems known by the majority, no doubt the others will be soon.

The show featured a talented pair artists, both who seem set to soar in 2016. Look out for them at The Isle of Wight festival 2016 and at local venues.

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