Hatchet brought a night full of outstanding all American metal music to Frankie’s Inner City in Toledo with touring guests Black Fast and Green Death.

Frankie’s Inner City is a great small venue located in the heart of Toledo, Ohio. This club provides the perfect atmosphere for an up-close and personal metal experience. The evening of metal begins with Detroit’s S.N.A.F.U.. In case you were wondering, the acronym stands for “Situation Normal All Fucked Up.” This band definitely fucks things up with vicious and aggressive thrash boiling with hardcore passion. After a couple of tunes that demonstrate S.N.A.F.U.’s penchant for brutality, the small but growing crowd adds fuel with encouraging cheers and guttural growls. There is no better way to kick off a metal show than with a band that goes balls out from start to finish.

Toledo’s own Constricted have drawn in a cadre of local fans and waste no time diving into a set of exquisite metal music. This band has some serious chops with each member performing at the top of their game. Their sound has many progressive elements including amazing guitar solos and interesting time signature changes. Their songs are tight with superb riffs and compelling songwriting that has the crowd fully engaged. While the band is outstanding, the vocal performance of Ryan Mullins puts them over the top. Keep your eyes and ears open for Constricted as they play metal with a vengeance.

The verdant fields of Des Moines, Iowa bring us Green Death who have been relentlessly touring in support of their Manufacturing Evil album. This album recently was picked up by EMP Records, which was started by Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson. Green Death combine elements of thrash, death, and power metal into an intoxicating and addicting metal cocktail which the crowd eagerly consumes. Much of the set focuses on cuts from the new album including a bludgeoning rendition of “Gates of Hell” and the thrashing mania of “Through the Eye,” however, they did break out “Green Death” from their first album, The Deathening. The crowd enjoys every head banging minute of metal that Green Death could give them.

Up next is Black Fast from St. Louis, Missouri. These guys are the road warriors of thrash hitting one great tour after another spreading mayhem in support of their Terms of Surrender album. From the first note, this band is relentless in their sonic attack. Drummer Ross Burnett blew out his bass pedal which led to a bit of banter between guitarist/vocalist Aaron Akin and the crowd. With a loaner pedal in place, Black Fast takes off at the speed of light with a barrage of insane riffs played with surgical precision. This neck breaking show includes “I, Conspire” and “Starve,” which meet with the full support of the audience who are banging their heads and even try to get some action going on the dance floor. Be sure to catch this a fantastic band when they swing through your town.

Anticipation grows as darkness shrouds the stage and the delicate acoustic intro of “Where Time Cannot Exist” from Hatchet’s Fear Beyond Lunacy begins to play. Guitars, bass and drum roar as the intro music bleeds into the thrash anthem “Living In Extinction”. Faithful fans remain crowded at the stage to engage with the band in the intimate confines of Frankie’s. Hatchet play with fevered abandon as they tear into the epic “Fall from Grace.” Julz Ramos and Clayton Cagle engage in fretboard wizardry as Ben Smith (drums) and Devin Reiche (bass) beacon the demons from a cauldron of thunderous rhythms.

This monstrous set of thrash includes “Tearing into Hell,” “Vanishing Point,” and “The World Beyond.” The crowd keeps the band on stage with cheers and Hatchet gives a couple more tunes for the road. Hatchet has put together an outstanding lineup of incredible bands on this tour to keep the fires of metal burning bright.


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