The Harrington Saints stomp their way into Boston at the Midway Cafe supported by Taxi Driver and Barfight Champs.

Barfight Champs played their first show, opening for Menace UK at Firehouse 13, which was recently covered by  National Rock Review. They follow up with their second show, opening for another national touring act, The Harrigton Saints. They are finishing up their first EP.

BC opened with “G.L.C. Anthem,” “Told Them So,” and “Working Class Poor.”  Singer Frankie Chairs started “Old School Mentality” with his open thoughts on society today being too soft and having no accountability. Frankie wished things were more like they were in the times of our parents and grandparents. The Barfight Champs closed with “King Of Fools” and “Barfight Champs.”

Taxi Driver was on point,  proving once again, why they are one of the go to local bands to support touring national acts in Boston. Their Are you looking at me? attitude comes out in their aggressive set blending metal, hardcore, punk, and Oi! covers and originals.

Their set included: “Troop,” “Not Safe,” “Poi,” “Left For Dead,” “Trench,” “South Of Heaven (Slayer),” “Pride,” “Hell Ride,” and “Till The End (The Bruisers).”

The Harrington Saints (The Saints) are from the East San Francisco Bay area of California and formed in 2005. Their style is a combination of blue collar pub rock and streetpunk Oi! The songs are all about the working class struggle, politics, and raising pints.

This was the first time in their nine years together that The Saints played Boston. It seemed like they were making up for lost time, playing dozens of shows across the eastern US.

The Saints released their first EP, Sounds Of The Street, in 2007 followed by their first full length album, Dead Broke In The USA, which was released in 2009. They are currently supporting their latest, Pride And Tradition, released in 2012.

Singer Darrel Wojick jumped off the stage for a non-stop high energy set, complete with crowd participation moshing, through group singalongs. Drummer Forrest Marstretti and Bassist Mike “Deuce” Miller held a tight bottom end while gutiarists Mike C. and Jayson Shepard chugged and growled through one punk rock anthem after another.

Their set included: “Jerry Was A Skin,” “Revolution,” “Working Class Friday Night,” “Kids Want More,” “Put Your Boots Back On,” “Factories,” “Rob A Bank,” “Slogans On The Wall,” “Bootstraps,” “Saturdays In The Sun,” “Razors In The Night,” “Sounds Of The Street,” “Nation Divided,” “Upright Citizen,” and “Working.”

There were whispers that night of Harrington Saints and Taxi Driver doing a 7-inch split. Let’s hope those rumors are true so we can get a great two for one release.

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