Hanzel und Gretyl brought a dark metal influenced set to a packed house of loyal fans at the Token Lounge.

Davey Suicide opened the night with a mixture of metal, industrial, and a hint of punk laced tunes. The arena style of stage production and choice of stage props transformed the stage into DS’s world. While supporting their full-length album “Worldwide Suicide,” DS continues to pound the pavement by taking their music worldwide. Great job guys and best of luck overseas!

The second act of the night was OPPFOR. Their set began with two ladies holding makeshift rifles standing at attention as the lead vocalist gave the audience insightful storytelling. The keyboardist wearing a military overcoat provided rich background sounds and melodic piano skills. Having influences stemming from Industrial to Electronic OPPFOR has a great blend of melodies and harmonies. Based on TPG records, OPPFOR is looking forward to writing and performing in the coming months.

Based out of Detroit, Maybe Whitney brings something new to the table for each of their shows. Tonight Maybe Whitney was on point as usual and totally amped up to perform. The audience members shared in many moments with fist pumps in the air to each downbeat. The hardcore riffs shared with creative melodies floating on top was nicely done and great to listen to. Be on the lookout for more material coming from MW.

By the way Hanzel und Gretyl hit the stage, everyone could feel their presence. From simple choreographed arm gestures to rock solid playing positions, HUG was a real treat for all the fans both new and old. HUG’s set gave the audience a storyline to follow which as the set came to an end was resolved in an epic ending. This group released their seventh album,”Black Forest Metal” in fall 2014 and is slated to release an eighth album late this year on Metropolis Metal Records. Great job HUG!

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