Halestorm brings set full of new songs from their latest album Into The Wild Life to veteran fans in Flint, MI.

Halestorm is currently touring in support of their new record Into The Wild Life. The show featured ten songs from the new record along with their biggest hits. The Whiting Auditorium in Flint was not necessarily familiar with rock shows. The venue normally hosts orchestra and theatre type shows but that guaranteed some great lighting and acoustics. The fans in attendance were however, familiar with Halestorm. Even singer Lzzy Hale mentioned that Flint is always like a home away from home.

They opened the show with their grammy award winning hit “Love Bites (So Do I)” and quickly jumped into a new song “Apocalyptic.” The first track off the new record came next. “Scream” gave Lzzy the first chance of the show to let loose her powerful vocals and incorporate a bit of industrial rock into this song. “I Am The Fire” then hit fans with some new dark guitar riffs from Joe Hottinger before the voice of Lzzy appeared. She then took her spot at the organ to play along with the fan favorite “Mz Hyde.”

About half way through the show began a stretch of five new tracks. “Amen,” while no doubt a rock n’ roll track, features a hint of country if you listen closely. The band played many dates together with country superstar Eric Church in 2014. Sure to be a fan favorite “Sick Individual” came next. A well written song, which definitely portrays the familiar Halestorm sound. Lzzy next pointed out the parents and the young ones in the crowd before belting out the ballad “Dear Daughter.”

The finale of the show was heavy. The classic Halestorm with powerful vocals, loud drums, and heavy guitar riffs. The heaviest song on the new record “Mayhem” began the end of the show. Having previewed this song during live shows for about a year they have it down like a classic. The crowd loves it and it’s sure to be a staple in the set for years. They closed the show with some of their biggest hits “It’s Not You,” “I Get Off,” “I Miss The Misery,” and the best way to close a show with a cheers, “Here’s To Us.”

Halestorm is sure to have a place in rock n’ roll history when all is said and done. The new record Into The Wild Life changes course a bit from their first two records but has the staple that Lzzy Hale keeps familiar. They have crossed a few new boundaries and overall are a stronger band because of it.

With the beautiful Lzzy Hale front and center, the talented Joe Hottinger on guitar, and Josh Smith on bass the band is always a must see. Drummer Arejay Hale is alone worth the price of admission. Right now the show is even more-so must see with the set including so many new songs. Always one of the hardest working touring bands out there they are sure to make a stop within reach of you soon.

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