Metal legends Grim Reaper “Bring Hell” to Louisville’s Zanzabar with Savage Master.

Christmas came way early for a room full of metal fans at Louisville’s Zanzabar on Sunday night as metal legends Grim Reaper made a tour stop.

Grim Reaper started their fifteen-song set in grand fashion with fan favorite, “Rock You to Hell.” Fans crowded the stage, head banging and pumping fists in the air.

They followed with Grim Reaper classics, including “Night of the Vampire,” “Lust for Freedom,” “Wrath of the Ripper” and “Now or Never” showcasing their classic British metal roots.

Pausing briefly to catch his breath, lead singer Steve Grimmett discussed the upcoming presidential election and took an unofficial poll. “Who likes Donald Trump?” he asked. Boos come from the crowd to which Grimmett says he isn’t much liked in the UK either. It was a fun show moment. Bernie Sanders received the largest applause, which Steve stated was also the case Friday night in Indianapolis.

Back to the metal as Grim Reaper rolled out more classic songs, including “Fear no Evil,” “Let the Thunder Roar,” and “All Hell Let Loose.” Loud cheers erupt after each song. Fans shout and salute with horns. For a small room on a Sunday night, the crowd was charged up, responding with an unusual energy just before the start of the work week.

Again pausing to address the crowd, Steve introduces the next song as being “dedicated to the best rocker to ever walk the face of the earth, Ronnie James Dio.” The band launched into a cover of Dio’s “Don’t Talk to Strangers”; it was another great show moment.

Before the final song of their main set, “Waysted Love,” Steve put the guys in the band on the spot saying they didn’t want to play “this silly love song.” It was a fun moment of levity.

Grim Reaper’s two-song encore starts out with Steve screaming “What’s the problem Michael?” before launching into the raging guitar riffs of “Final Scream.”

No Grim Reaper show would be complete without a hard-driving performance of ““See you in Hell.” Tonite Steve asked Stacey “Savage” Peak of Savage Master to join him on stage. It was a perfect finish to their night of classic metal.

It was a great evening of classic metal, complete with hard-driving drums, screaming guitars, and thundering bass. After the show, Steve Grimmett hung out with fans, taking pictures and signing autographs, making a fantastic end to a great evening.

Grim Reaper is Steve Grimmett (vocals), Richie Yeates (guitar), Chaz Grimaldi (bass), and Paul White (drums).

Local Louisville occult metal band, Savage Master, opened the evening in strong fashion. The band members decked out in leather, donning executioners hoods, with chains and studs. The band opened with “Dark Light of the Moon” from their soon to be released album, With Whips and Chains.

Savage Master followed with tracks from the new album including “Black Hooves,” “Satan’s Crown,” and the title track, “With Whips and Chains”..”

Fronting the band, Stacey Peak donned a flowing red cape to finish their nine-song, almost 45-minute set as she leads the band through “Mask of the Devil,” “Ripper in Black,” and “Death Rides the Highway.”

Their new album releases on April 22. Savage Master kick off an eight-date European tour starting on April 30 at Keep It True Festival in Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany.

Savage Master is Stacey “Savage” Peak (vocals), Adam Neal (guitar), Larry Myers (guitar), Brandon Brown (bass), and Zach Harris (drums).

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