London rock duo The Graveltones, currently promoting new album ‘Love Lies Dying’, brought their headlining tour of the UK to Fuel Rock Club in Cardiff.

Solo singer/guitarist Freddie Webber start the night off with four songs from his EP, Opinions of No Substantial Ground. One nice touch is Mikey Sorbello from The Graveltones accompanying him on the drums for the last song of his set. Freddie is supporting The Graveltones on the UK tour and is taking on the role of tour manager, driver, and roadie. He is a truly delightful and charismatic young man – a great addition to the tour.

Welsh rockers, Dead Shed Jokers, take the small stage next. The stage is small and unable to accommodate all five band members and equipment. Hywel Davies (vocals) and Chris Metters (bass) join fans on the floor in front of the stage leaving more room for Nicky Bryant (guitar), Kristian Evans (guitar), and Sean Mahoney (drums).

This concert is a hometown gig for the Dead Shed Jokers, and their fans were out in full force. A good mix of songs from their debut album, Peyote Smile, and their newly released self-titled album, have the enthusiastic crowd and floor bouncing.

The Graveltones released their debut album, Don’t Wait Down, in 2013. It was obvious from this release the London-based duo, singer/guitarist Jimmy O and power drummer Mikey Sorbello, have something special going; they are different, even unique.

They’ve since toured extensively both in the UK, Europe, Australia (both lads are originally from the land down under), and more recently Norway and Sweden. The Graveltones are on their UK tour promoting the new album, Love Lies Dying, which brings us to today’s shows; two shows in one day!

The first show is an intimate in-store acoustic set at Spiller’s Records in Cardiff, the world’s oldest record shop being established in 1894, which provides a well-received sample of what we can expect for the evening performance.

Their talent on stage has improved much over the past few years. During the evening show, the band is more intense; both electrifying and supercharged. They play off each other but complement one another perfectly. Their confidence, non-stop energy, and interaction with each other and the crowd has stepped up to another level. They’re enjoying every second, and their enthusiasm is incredibly infectious. It didn’t stop after the set ended as they are only too happy to chat, sign anything put in front of them, and have their pictures taken with their delighted fans.

When asked how closely Jimmy O followed the setlist, he gave a look that said “what do you think?” and then he just laughed.

The Graveltones continue with their headlining tour across the UK. If they’re playing near you, grab yourself a ticket – you won’t regret it!

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