The fiery blues-rock of Gov’t Mule filled the hearts of fans with joy as the Revolution Come…Revolution Go tour comes to Detroit.

In a world that day by day seems to be incredibly divisive, Gov’t Mule gives their fans an evening of fellowship and happiness. Even before the music begins, the Fillmore in Detroit is filled with a communal spirit of love for the music of the Mule. Strangers share smiles as they review the tunes they hope the band will play. Their eyes shine with anticipated exaltation.

Gov’t Mule are consummate road warriors making their rounds in support of their latest release, Revolution Come…Revolution Go. Instead of putting a band in the unenviable spot of opening for the Mule, they are giving their fans a double dose with two sets of love.

The band gets the party started with the smoking southern comfort of “Mule”. It is clear from this opening tune that Gov’t Mule is firing on all cylinders. The silky slide and husky vocals of Warren Haynes sails on the groove laid down by Matt Abts (drums) and Jorgen Carlsson (bass). The keyboard wizardry of Danny Louis cozies up tight with Warren’s guitar phrasing.

Warren’s mention of Detroit during the performance of “Slackjaw Jezebel” gets a hearty cheer from the crowd. The sultry R&B of “Sarah Surrender” sets the crowd moving with hands waving in the air. Brimming with a politically charged stomp, “Stone Cold Rage” brings the first set of the night to a rousing climax.

Gov’t Mule’s second set is all about the jams. The music starts rolling with “Trane” which cascades like a river into “Eternity’s Breath” and the ultimate tribute to the Grateful Dead in “St. Stephen Jam”. Listening to the band and seeing their interplay, it fills the mind with wonder at the deep bond these musicians must share in order to play so perfectly together.

“I Think You Know What I Mean” evolves into an extended jam featuring a brilliant cover of Led Zeppelin’s “When The Levee Breaks”. Jorgen Carlsson’s punchy bass calls up “Game Face”. The spirit of Greg Allman permeates the Fillmore as Gov’t Mule deftly moves into a cover of “Mountain Jam”. The band takes the audience over the hills to return to “Game Face” before journeying back to “Mountain Jam” to end their second set.

Amid cries of “Mule!”, Gov’t Mule makes their way back for an encore that includes the reggae-infused “Unring the Bell” and the haunting blues of “Endless Parade”. From the smiling faces and dancing bodies, there is no doubt that Gov’t Mule has given their fans another outstanding night to remember.

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Event Date: 12-OCT-2017

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