The Santa Cruz, California-based punk rock band, brought shakes things up in East Jersey with an energetic show… at a local bowling alley.

To the local scene here on the Jersey shore, there is no doubt that Asbury Lanes, a bowling alley in Asbury Park, New Jersey means more than many of the other venues in the area. For those not familiar with Asbury Lanes, it might come as a shock to think of rock, metal, and punk bands performing at a bowling alley, especially given the band sets up across a few of the lanes while patrons are bowling on the others. It is an unusual venue to say the least. However, this does nothing to deter fans from packing into this venue over the years.

The Asbury Lanes is scheduled to close for major renovations over the coming months, and no one knows what the future will bring. Will it feature music acts? Will it even offer bowling? Still, manager Jenn Hampton, a person known for her stalwart support the local music scene, did a good job of making sure this night went well as Good Riddance entertained the masses in this historic location.

Good Riddance, signed via Fat Wreck Chords record label, rolled into town giving the locals a great show. Before the show, vocalist Russ Rankin could be seen chilling in the alley and walking about the lanes. With eight studio albums and fifteen-plus assorted singles, videos, and compilation albums, this veteran band was a welcome site to their die-hard fan base.

Their set included many favorites; “Weight of the World,” “A Credit to His Gender,” “Disputatio,” and “Darkest Days.” They closed the show with “Heresy, Hypocrisy, and Revenge.”

Good Riddance came with support from Off With Their Heads and Iron Chic two great punk bands as well. Asbury Lanes has a cool local show scheduled for tomorrow and a Sunday service, where anyone can come by and talk about the lanes as it gets filmed for a documentary.

Good Riddance

Off With Their Heads

Iron Chic

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