Goodbye June Say Huge Hello to London.

As a relatively recent arrival in London, the live music scene and the amount of venues is quite simply astonishing. So it was the case this evening, whereby I travelled to the increasingly trendy Hoxton Square and a compact but atmospherically modern venue to see rising Nashville outfit Goodbye June. Whilst still a relatively new band to me, they are one that has been highly recommended and so was keen to check them out.

Taking to the stage after a quite storming support set from British, West Midlands trio Wolf Jaw, it was immediately obvious that the energy levels on their works were turned up at least 2 or 3 notches from their recorded versions.

Kicking off with the opening track of their most recent Community Inn album, to my ears at least, the influences of a number of seasoned acts was immediately apparent, even more so as the set progressed. One could hear slices of Led Zeppelin, Reef, Blind Melon, Collective Soul, early Kings of Leon and dare I say it, even subtle nods to the contemporary style of Ed Sheeran et al in the mix. These fusions produced an overall soundscape that was in essence an ultramodern sheen on a Hard/Southern Rock base.

The band really got into their groove on second number “Natural”, from there onwards, the pace never eased. Standout numbers for me were the mid-set pairing of the Morricone-esque “Darlin” and “Secrets In The Sunset”. While the band kept the latter comparatively short, that number, with appropriate improvisation, has the potential to be the live epic centrepiece that every rock band craves. Every composition was well-crafted and in the live environment they came to life and exemplified their majesty.

In summary a two-band bill where each complemented the other resulting in a most memorable evening and a hugely satisfying introduction to the headliners whom I hope to catch many more times in the future.

A special mention should also be made to the guys on sound this evening which was loud (in as much as local authority regulations permit) and punchy, for both bands, but still clear enough to appreciate the subtle distinctions between each of the band’s twin guitars.

Words: Sophie James
Photos: Eric Duvet Photography

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Event Date: 29-OCT-2019

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