The blackened Death Metal group marches with spikes and leather on the Windy City and rocks with Satanic Rock Fury.

On a splendid summer night in the city of Chicago, the black masses huddled in to Reggie’s Rock Club on the south side of the city for all the grinding guitar rhythms and hard headbanging that one could endure from another Goatwhore headline tour.

Kicking off the night was the Sons of Famine (not pictured). The band comprises a mishmosh of Chicago Heavy Metal music veterans ranging from Matt McClelland, of Yakuza fame, to Mike Dooley (Hell Awaits, ex- CorpseVomit). Together all members bring about a proud Chicago brand of Death Metal that hearkens back to the sonic traditions of the city.

Then Theories took to the stage as the touring opener. Their double bass peddling drums rattle off with as much precision as their chops on the guitars and their time signature changes. One dare not refer to the Seattle Death Metal group as prog; however it remains evident that this group has done its fair share of homework to deliver the versatile, yet consistent, form of music that they have constructed.

Up next came the mighty Black Breath. The band’s performance included hits such as, “Home of the Grave,” as well as, “Black Sin (Spit on the Cross).” Their 40-minute set certainly caused many a head to bang as hair began to fly in the pit. The audience was privileged enough to hear the band play a tune or two from what they declared will be their next release – due out in the fall of this year.

Afterwards, Cleveland’s own Ringworm brought all the sweat and screaming one would need for the evening. The group continues to tour on their successful 2014 LP release, Hammer of the Witch. After being in the scene for now more than two decades, the group shows not only a great progression in their sound, but also proves to be a safe bet for a great performance.

Finally, the headlining act, Goatwhore, came to play. In no time the crowd of fans compacted only to swirl into a black hole circle pit in the center with the quintessential windmills of locks located on house right and left. Lead man Ben Falgoust stands as a reputable showman in his continuous engagement with the crowd – the high-fiving and fist bumping with patrons shall never cease. And by the time the leather lads hit their smash, “Apocalyptic Havoc,” no one was spared. The concertgoing trinity of steam, screams, and Satan were on tap making for a great performance and satiated audience.

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