Girl, led by vocalist Candace Schur, brought her newly formed band to the venerable Asbury Park Wonder Bar.

Every Monday night at the famous Wonder Bar, local powerhouse promoter Christine Feola books three or four local, and sometimes national acts, to play a free show.

This free series, dubbed Happy Mondays, has been going strong for over two years now and has allowed many bands to gain regional recognition.

Not only does this offer a great chance to reach a new audience, it also helps the local music photographers in our area as well.

Girl is a band formed by singer-songwriter Candace Schur and her soulmate, Jay Monday. Both Candace and Jay are regulars on the scene performing as solo artists in numerous open mike shows around town.

Many have followed their music over the years and, in addition to winning fans, they’ve managed to make great friends along the way, all of whom are excited to see their new project. As their style is always surprising, you never know what you never know what to expect.

John Flood on guitar and Grady Lappin on drums round out the lineup.

The sexy Candace brings not only a cool, sweet sounding voice, but she can wail on the guitar along with Jay who brings an outrageous glam rock vibe.

Outside of Girl, Jay Monday fronts his own band, Dirty, as lead vocalist and guitarist. While discussing the two projects recently, he explained that Girl allows him to be more creative on guitar since he only plays and doesn’t sing giving him more time to focus on the instrument.

Overall, the band was energetic and fun. The set list consisted of upbeat and memorable songs that could easily become sing-a-longs for the fans.

They also threw in a great cover of Blondie’s “Dreaming” that the crowd loved.

Everyone seemed hungry for more and we look forward to more shows and new music from Girl in the near future.


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It started when Jeff’s son came across his Kiss CD's grew into something that his son would listen to day and night. Kiss just happened to be playing at a local venue that summer, so he decided to take him to his first show as a father son bonding activity. Jeff found out about another local club that had shows of every genre and style on a more regular basis so he started going to a couple of shows a week becoming locals in the industry. Jeff has always loved photography, he would take pictures at all the shows with his point n’ shoot camera from the crowd. People enjoyed Jeff’s pictures and that became the focus of going to shows. Jeff landed a spot as staff photographer for Amp and Hails and Horns magazine.

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