Ghost delivers a haunting performance to willing worshippers at Louisville’s Palace Theater with support from Royal Thunder.

A beautiful evening in the Commonwealth of Kentucky welcomes Ghost to the Louisville Palace for tonight’s concert. Before the show, several fans dressed in full costume are seen adding more color and excitement to the proceedings.

Inside the venue, the stage resembles a demented church altar complete with a backdrop displaying stained glass windows and the smell of burning incense wafting through the air.

Everyone is immediately on their feet as the house lights drop and “Masked Ball” by Jocelyn Pook rolls out over the venue. In an instant, the Nameless Ghouls appear as the initial chords of “Square Hammer” are struck.  Papa Emeritus III appears a moment later in all his glory, wearing his ceremonial robe with a gold laced Ghost Mitre with his arms raised to welcome all worshippers.

Without much delay, the rocking “From the Pinnacle to the Pit,” “Con Clavi Con Dio,” and “Per Aspera Ad Inferi” quickly follow starting the show off in a sinister way.      

Papa Emeritus III takes a few minutes to talk with the crowd while two young ladies known as the Sisters of Sin are introduced dressed as nuns complete with habits.  Explaining that the sisters will be going up and down the aisles delivering Ghosts’ version of ‘Communion’ to those interested Papa Emeritus and Ghost fittingly roll into “Body and Blood”.

A little more than mid-way thru tonight’s show the focus moves to Ghost’s most recent full album, Meliora.   Capitalizing on the energy in the room, Ghost performs “Devil Church” followed by fan favorite, “Cirice,” showcasing their power and complexity.  

A hard rocking rendition of “Year Zero” quickly follows, with the Nameless Ghouls all over the stage and jumping off risers. Papa Emeritus has the entire venue singing along with him making for a memorable moment in the show.

Several outstanding songs from the Meliora album follow including “Spöksonat,” the dynamic and moving “He Is,” and the mesmerizing “Absolution” drawing huge ovations from the crowd.

In complete control, Papa Emeritus boasts “I know Kentucky likes some “heavy” metal songs, so here is our heaviest song” as Ghost rolls into “Mummy Dust” ending with Smoke billowing from the stage as confetti fills the venue sending the crowd crazy. Ghost close out their main set performing “Ghuleh/Zombie Queen” and the powerful “Ritual” to a huge ovation.

With Papa Emeritus III now center, he addresses the Louisville fans one last time. “You know we are not done, right?” drawing boisterous cheers. “We would not leave you with that shitty ending, we believe in happy endings. We have met before, yes? So, this is technically our second date. Are you ready to go to second base with us?  We have one more song for you, a song about happy endings, Female happy endings.  In the name of Satan, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being here with us tonight.” Closing the show in their usual fashion, Ghost provides their audience with their happy ending in the form of a commanding performance of “Monstrance Clock”.

Ghost’s live show is theatrical, stunning, and visually stimulating and couldn’t have been better. The Nameless Ghouls were on fire tonight, bounding all over the stage and very demonstrative.

The members of Ghost are Papa Emeritus III (Vocals), and The Nameless Ghouls: their true identities are closely held. The Ghouls each represent one of the five elements; fire, water, wind, earth, and ether. They wear their respective alchemical symbol on their instruments and have them embroidered on the right breast of their costumes.

Gritty Atlanta-based rockers, Royal Thunder, start us off in a great way with a solid set. Featuring the powerfully emotional voice of frontwoman Mlny Parsonz, the guitar heroics of Josh Weaver, and the dynamic drums of Evan Diprima, Royal Thunder was a treat to see.

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Event Date: 14-JUN-2017

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