Gemini Syndrome brought their Synner Conversion Tour to Westland, Michigan for a night of spectacular explosive modern hard-edged rock n’ roll! Along for the ride, they brought Eyes Set To Kill and Exotype.

One of my favorite newer bands in the hard rock scene this last year or so has been Gemini Syndrome. The first time I heard the song Pleasure & Pain it grabbed my attention and I was sent on a personal mission to find out more about them and how they came to be.

Having seen them previously, I was glad to get the chance to check them out again at The Token Lounge in Westland, MI on May 16th, 2014. They are currently out on a headlining club tour with Eyes Set To Kill and Exotype. Once again they did not disappoint.

I have to give a quick shout out to the band It Lies Within from Flint, MI. I’ve watched them grow these past few years and had every intention of catching their performance. However, due to a delay on my part and the show starting a little early, I missed them as well as Maybe Whitney who played before them. Many people in attendance told me that their set was ‘off the hook’.

Local band Ballz Deluxe has been a consistent presence in the Metro Detroit scene. They have played some of the best venues in town and have supported some great national tours. I was able to catch most of their set and, as usual, they brought the full onslaught of the typical Ballz Deluxe show. For a dose of straight up Detroit-style hard rock, check these guys out.

The first band on the tour package was Exotype. I can honestly say that I hadn’t heard of these guys before this show however I was very impressed with what I saw. They kept the crowd interested from the first song all the way until the very end. The energy level was high, the band had a great stage presence and the tunes sounded familiar yet fresh in their execution. It was a shorter set but I really enjoyed what I saw. Be on the lookout for Exotype.

The next band, and direct support for Gemini Syndrome, was Eyes Set To Kill. Now this band I had actually heard of but I wasn’t exactly sure why or where from? As they took the stage I was even more intrigued to see a female singer and bass player in the band. The first few songs blew me away. They had that ‘thrashy’ feel while still keeping the rock influence recognizable with each song. As their set came to an end I realized why I had heard of this band. They finished the set with Infected, a song that has got some great radio play on satellite and FM radio the last few months. I was very impressed with Eyes Set To Kill and will definitely be following them closer.

Finally it was time for Gemini Syndrome. I always enjoy this band. Not only are they a great group of musicians, they are a great group of guys. I had recently spent some time with their singer, Aaron Nordstrom and drummer, Brian Steele Medina in Jacksonville, FL while I was covering Welcome To Rockville on April 26th and 27th of this year. It made me chuckle when Aaron asked me, what are you doing up here? I’m like, I’m from here, I flew down to cover the Rockville show. With that, he headed backstage to prepare for their set.

Gemini Syndrome’s intro kicked in and everyone in the building made their way toward the stage. Being that I had seen them a few times before I knew what to expect, but I was still in awe of the great performance they continue to put on. Long periods of time on the road have definitely been good to this band as it was the tightest I had ever seen them. They ripped through all of their fan favorites on their début CD, Lux, and had everyone in the building focused on the show while they were singing along with the tunes.

The crowd was light but it did not affect the guys performance one bit. Another thing that I must point out about the band is how they decorate the stage no matter what size the venue. They have banners, backdrops and scrims to fill the stage.

It really helps create the perfect environment for their show and the Synners, what they call their fans, appreciate it every time. The night ended with the usual fan hang out with the band and the evening coming to a close. A quick handshake from Aaron and a hug from Brian and I was on my way home. Another amazing experience from the Gemini Syndrome guys. If you have not purchased their début CD, Lux, or haven’t seen them live yet I would put that high on your list of things to do in 2014. Gemini Syndrome is here for the long haul.

LUX is available at Amazon:

LUX by Gemini Syndrome

Our photographer, Sami Lipp, was on hand to catch these bands in action. Here are her images from that night.

Gemini Syndrome:

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Eyes Set To Kill:

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EXOTYPE online:

Ballz Deluxe:

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It Lies Within:

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Maybe Whitney:

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