Dave Grohl brought his entourage to Citi Field, home of the Mets, for two nights were able to takeover New York City.

The Foo Fighters are currently on tour and Mr. Dave Grohl plays from a throne…Yes, a throne. No, it’s not because he’s the “King of Rock,” although he may very well be crowned with the title in years to come, it’s because he designed (while high in the hospital, as he explains it) a way to keep playing shows after having fallen off stage at a festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For those who haven’t heard about Dave’s accident last month, you probably live in a bubble so check out these clips Dave breaking his leg and then returns to the stage to continue the set as a medic holds his leg in place. That kind of dedication on top of his humor about the incident and stage presence makes him a rock star and quite possibly a future king because high or not, it takes one hell of a musician to uphold, “the show must go on” mantra.

Sure, after finishing the show he needed multiple pins in his leg and had to cancel the rest of the dates in Europe, but now he has a throne and an awesome story which he tells, with pictures and videos, nightly.

At both NY shows Grohl said, “I’m going to give it to you harder in this chair than I ever did on my motherfucking feet,” and he absolutely did. he and the band were in top form and played over two and a half hours for each show; past typical curfew.

The two shows were slightly different from each other, but both included all the Foo Fighters hits you want to hear played alongside cover songs ranging from “Next to You,” by The Police, “I’m The One,” by Van Halen, “Detroit Rock City,” by Kiss, and ”Jailbreak,” by Thin Lizzy. There were other covers as well and Dave and company do a great job keeping all the classic hits recognizable while giving them a Foo Fighters twist/sound at the same time.

Each night also included Tom Petty’s “Breakdown,” as well as special guests. Night one at Citi Field ended with Chad Smith of The Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums and Taylor Hawkins singing Faces’ hit “Stay With Me,” while night two had Darryl Jennifer and Dr. Know of the Bad Brains playing “How Low Can a Punk Get,” and “The Regulator,” before closing out the show with Foo Fighters’ hits “This is a Call,” and “Best of You.”

The band will be touring the US through October then heading back to Europe to make up “the broken leg dates,” and then who knows what’s next.

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