The biggest fall arena rock tour of 2016 rolled into Louisville’s Yum Center with dominating performances by co-headliners Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown with Sixx:A.M. and As Lions.

The Buzz and excitement at the Yum Center were barely containable moments before the stage curtain dropped and Five Finger Death Punch exploded on stage, starting off with “Lift Me Up” and “Never Enough” complete with a dazzling laser light display.

Taking a quick moment to catch his breath Ivan points out that this is Chris’ hometown (it’s actually Lexington) and asked him if we wanted to say a few words. Chris stepped up and asked the Louisville crowd “How did you like that game last night? (#5 Louisville was blown out by unranked Houston on Thursday, and Chris is a huge Kentucky fan), which drew a flood of boos from the crowd and a huge smile from Chris.

“Wash It All Away” was next on the list and featured Ivan crowd surfing around the front of the stage before finally dropping in and finishing the song surrounded by fans.

Ivan is back center stage asking who has or is currently serving in the military. “Put your hands up,” he shouts as a massive ovation rises and chants of “USA, USA” roll thru the venue. “From this day forward,” he followed up, “you’ll be known as ‘Bad Company,'” he says, playing the track before a raucous version of “Jekyll and Hyde.”

It’s Jeremy’s turn as he kicks off into a rocking drum solo with some techno influences all the while a spectacular laser light show saturates the entire arena.

Ivan has always had a soft spot for kids in the crowd, always showing lots of love to them; tonite is no different as he brings 8-10 kids and a parent on stage, talking selfies and handing out shirts to them before they perform “Burn MF.” After clearing the stage, Jason, with an acoustic guitar around his neck joins Ivan for a stirring performance of “Wrong Side of Heaven” and “Remember Everything.”

With the full band now on stage and Ivan at his mic stand the guys hurl into a fiery version of “Coming Down” that ultimately has Ivan back over the front crowd barrier and into the crowd rolling into a dominating rendition of “Under and Over It.”

Five Finger Death Punch ended their sensational set with “The Bleeding” putting a giant exclamation point on what was a monumental evening of rock music. It was great to see the guys tossing drumsticks, picks and handing set lists to the fans after their last song, obviously enjoying and appreciating the crowd and the evening’s energy.

As Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” blares over the Yum Center speakers, the house lights and the stage curtain suddenly drop and Shinedown takes the stage with a raging performance of “Adrenaline” complete with huge plumes of fire and crackling fireworks.

After “Fly From The Inside” Brent takes a moment to greet the eager crowd. “Look to your left and right. These people are your family, your friends,” he says urging everyone to shake their hands before kicking off “Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)” that had the entire venue hopping.

Only three songs into their set and the energy the guys were pouring out on stage along with the constant fireworks and fire plumes rising from the back of the stage created an electric atmosphere; there wasn’t a single person seated. Shinedown catapulted into the next part of their set with performances of “Unity” followed by the powerful “How Did You Love” before Brent, now singing on a small stage at the very back of the venue blasting into a kickass performance of “Enemies.”

With Eric Bass now on the keyboard joining Brent center stage they perform a moving rendition of “Call Me” that resonates thru the entire venue. Brent then dropped the house lights and urged everyone to light the place up with their cell while the guys rolled into a kickass performance of “State of My Head” complete with a wall of sparks fall from the back of the stage.

“Second Chance” and “Cut the Cord” were next on the list before Zach, with an acoustic guitar around his next joins Brent center stage. Brent quickly addresses the crowd one last time for the evening thanking everyone for the almost two decades of support which drew a huge ovation before they start their cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.” This song, with Brent’s booming voice and the simplicity of Zach’s guitar, is so captivating and with the entire venue singing the chorus.

Shinedown closed out a fantastic set with the deep bass rhythms of “Sound of Madness” providing a great end to a great set.

Despite a 6:45 PM start, the Yum Center was packed as Sixx:A.M. took the stage to a huge ovation. Tonite was a celebration of sorts for the guys as their fifth studio album, Volume. 2 – Prayers for the Blessed, dropped today and the band was in prime form.

As if they were shot out of a cannon Sixx:A.M. launched straight into “This is Gonna Hurt” with an energy that immediately grabbed the venue. Without much hesitation “Rise” from their Volume 1 Prayers from the Damned followed amping up the energy level even higher.

From the new album, anthem and lead single “We Will Not Go Quietly” was next on the set; during this time of uncertainty and transition, the verse, “Hey! If this is how the world will end; Well you can tell all your friends; That we will not go quietly,” proved to be a poignant theme for their set.

Next up was “Everything Went to Hell,” before James asked for everyone’s cell phone lights to be turned on while the band rolled into “Prayers for the Damned,” creating a powerful moment where the crowd and the band were connected.

Ending their set just as they started; Sixx:A.M. performed “Lies of the Beautiful People,” before asking the question do you want to see “Stars,” that had James singing verses surrounded by fans in the crowd. Before closing their show, James thanked everyone for coming out and celebrating the birth of their new album. They can honestly say that “Life Is Beautiful” ending a visually and musically rich show.

Starting us off this evening were London based rockers, As Lions. As Lions is Austin Dickinson (vocals), Conor O’Keefe and Will Homer (guitar), Stefan Whiting (bass), and Dave Fee (drums).

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Event Date: 18-Nov-2016