The perennially energetic and socially conscious Fishbone played to a packed crowd, supported by Downtown Brown and Typewriter Tim.

Long-time St. Louis favorites–the band has performed in St. Louis nearly every year since their inception–Fishbone played to a jam-packed crowd in the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill. The band played much longer than expected, treating the vociferous crowd to a twenty-five-song set list that touched on every aspect of their long careers. Favorites included such classics as the Curtis Mayfield cover of “Freddie’s Dead” to more recent hits as “Everyday Sunshine.” Multi-instrumentalist and singer, Angelo Moore, was exceptionally active throughout the performance, deserving of his stage moniker of “Dr. Madd Vibe.” Bassist Norwood Fisher played flawlessly, executing complicated runs and bass lines, making it look effortless. He continues to play Warwick basses through Warwick amps and is now offering one-on-one bass lessons through Skype ( for scheduling and details).

The Detroit-based quartet, Downtown Brown, played just before Fishbone. The bands, along with similar musical styles, also share similar social attitudes and influences, along with chemistry onstage. Fishbone members Angelo Moore and trombonist Flying J joined Downtown Brown onstage for a song later in their set. Although some in the crowd seemed unfamiliar with Downtown Brown, the band quickly and easily won over the crowd with their catchy songs and sense of humor.

Opening the show were St. Louis’ own Typewriter Tim, a typewriter percussionist and artist (performance as well as visual), with other members–two on horns and the more standard line-up of a drummer, guitarist, and bassist. The band’s style can be a little difficult to pin down after a close listen. While it sounds somewhat simplistic at first, a more discerning ear can pick up on intricate and interwoven layers, a level of “art” (without being pretentious) not normally found in a band that combines music with performance art.

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